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Help With a Controlling Relationship

Help Recovering From a Difficult Relationship

If you would like assistance recovering from a difficult or controlling relationship, we have the experience to help. We’d welcome your call 617-396-4638.

Support and Experienced Understanding

The effects of living under a controlling person or in a relationship where you didn’t feel that you could think or act for yourself are long-lasting. Getting away from the relationship is important, but just the first step.

Those still recovering from a difficult relationship often experience a variety of psychological and relationship problems—anxiety disorders, panic attacks, sleep disorders, lack of trust, paranoia and feelings of alienation. Getting the support you need can help you move beyond these.

Many therapists don’t understand or minimize the “mind games” “played” by controlling individuals. Clients are mistakenly directed by their therapists to look at childhood issues to explain their concerns, ignoring the fact that many clients were deceptively seduced by their “partners” and had phobias drilled into them.

Our work is tailored to meet your needs. Steven and the Freedom of Mind coaches have extensive personal and professional experience with the issues you face and will take your concerns seriously.

We encourage you to call and speak with us about what you’re going through and your concerns and questions.

Initial Consultation

Most people start with an initial consultation with a Freedom of Mind associate, which includes a complete review of your situation and an explanation of how we suggest you proceed. At each step you will be encouraged to make your own decisions and will be respected for the process you need to go through.

To learn more or schedule an initial consultation, you can call our office 617-396-4638.

You may use Visa or MasterCard or if you prefer, you may mail a check or money order before the appointment. Please call 617-396-4638 with any questions or concerns.

You will get even more benefit from a consultation if we have a chance to preview basic information about your situation beforehand. Please use our Contact form as a guide to what is important for us to know.   The form asks for cult or group name.  Please substitute spouse or partner's name and historical information instead.

Please be assured that your information will be kept completely confidential. We know how important it is to follow the highest ethical standards of privacy.

It’s fine if you prefer to not fill out the form. We will, of course, be glad to do a consult anyway. You are also welcome to arrange for a longer consultation if you choose. Just call 617-396-4638 to let us know what you prefer.

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