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Help Reconnecting with Estranged Family Member

There are things you can do to help a loved one who is in a controlling relationship or estranged from family or friends.

Evaluating Your Concerns

If you have doubts about whether help is needed, you may find it helpful to review some of the Major Warning Signs.

Your Support Can Make a Big Difference

Our experience shows that loved ones who are in difficult relationships are often relieved that their families helped them break free from the tight control they were living under, but this process takes patience and persistence. Quick solutions are appealing, but carry the risk of further alienation and of driving individuals deeper into the relationship. We can help you evaluate the difficulties you face and plan an effective approach.

We work with you to tailor an approach that meets your needs, whether by phone or in person, intense or deliberately paced, involving just family or also friends, with additional support staff or a simpler style.

Information and Support

It is important that your loved one is able to make free and conscious choices about their future. They need respectful support and information. Throughout this process, we are your consultants and support.

We can show you how to break through the invisible wall that may have developed between you. We listen closely to your questions and concerns and then carefully describe what can work and recommend next steps.

The respectful, quiet approach that we use was developed by Steven Hassan and is practiced by all Freedom of Mind consultants. It encourages a positive, warm relationship while helping to raise essential questions for your family members to consider.

If you would like additional information, a talk Steven gave in 2003 describes his Strategic Interaction Approach, which details many aspects of our work. Don’t let his reference to cults put you off. The general approach will give you some good insights into our approach with estranged family members.

Initial Consultation

When you’re ready, we encourage you to call 617 396-4638 to discuss your concerns and questions or make an appointment.

Most families start with an initial consultation with an experienced Freedom of Mind coach, which includes a complete review of the situation and an explanation of what will be helpful. You will hear specific things you can do to help your loved one disentangle him or herself.

To learn more or schedule an initial consultation you can call our office at(617) 396-4638.

You may use Visa or MasterCard, or if you prefer, you may mail a check or money order before the appointment. Please call 617-396-4638 with any questions or concerns.

You will get even more benefit from a consultation if we have a chance to preview basic information about your situation beforehand. Please use our contact form to let us know more about your situation.

Please be assured that your information will be kept completely confidential. We know how important it is to follow the highest ethical standards of privacy.

It’s fine if you prefer to not fill out the form.  We will, of course, be glad to do a consult anyway. You are also welcome to arrange for a longer consultation if you choose. Just call 617-396-4638 to let us know what you prefer.

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