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Steve Guziec
Steve Guziec, MS, LPC, is dedicated to helping and standing with those without a voice. He was born into, raised, and served as an active member in the Jehovah's Witnesses, a destructive doomsday cult, until his mid­twenties. After being disfellowshiped, and experiencing the pain and suffering that accompanies being shunned by family and friends at the direction of the Watchtower Society's Governing Body, Steve knew that his mission in life was to help others like himself.

As a second­generation victim of a destructive cult, Steve specializes in helping those born into groups that use undue influence and those trying to be free of controlling relationships. His graduate studies focused on understanding the process of recovery for those who were raised in cults, and his current research and work covers a plethora of areas in the field of studies. One of his passions is helping people who have lost their family, friends, and other loved ones in the process of leaving the abusive cultic environment. This includes helping parents who have raised their children in a cult and have since left the group without their children, and those that have lost the relationship with their parents after leaving a cultic group.

Like many of our clients, Steve knows the pain of having loved ones inside a group that uses undue influence. Having been a Jehovah's Witnesses for 25 years he has many friends and even family members still in the group who refuse to see or interact with him per Watchtower's rules. This experience has allowed Steve to understand the path one must walk in their life after leaving or being removed from a cult. Steve has devoted much of his time to researching and sharing the best techniques for recovering from and understanding the pain caused by shunning and ostracism.

Based in the Chicago area, Steve is available to help clients across the globe. If you'd like to speak with Steve on how his experience and knowledge can help you in your path please contact Freedom of Mind for more details.