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Releasing The Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves

Nationally renowned cult expert Steven Hassan presents the state of the art guide on how to help someone involved with cult mind control.

Releasing the bonds reveals a much more refined method to help family and friends, called the Strategic Interaction Approach. This non-coercive, completely legal approach is far better than deprogramming, and even exit counseling. Topics covered in depth include: evaluating the situation; interacting with dual identities; communication strategies for phone calls, letter writing and visits; understanding and utilizing cult beliefs and tactics; techniques to reality-test and promote freedom of mind; and planning and implementing effective interventions. See also Steven Hassan’s previous book, Combatting Cult Mind Control.

“I want to go on record as strongly endorsing Steven Hassan’s approach to understanding the sources of cult power in controlling the minds and behavior of members. His now classic text on cultic mind control, Combatting Cult Mind Control (1990, Park St. Press) integrates his personal experiences in a cult with his cogent analysis of the underlying dynamic processes, and then adds in to the mix current research and theory.

…Steven Hassan’s approach is one that I value more than that of any other researcher or clinical practitioner…

Hassan is a model of clear exposition, his original ideas are brilliantly presented in a captivating style. I am confident that readers of his new book, Releasing the Bonds, will share my enthusiasm for what this author tells us about how to deal with the growing menace of cults.”

Philip G. Zimbardo, Ph.D.
President of the American Psychological Association 2002 (