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Steven Hassan's Blogs

Why calling Daesh / ISIS a Mind Control Cult is of Strategic and Practical Importance! by Steven Hassan M.Ed, LMHC, NCC - 04/8/2016
Heal Yourself first, then Help Others - 03/31/2016
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HBO Going Clear Press Release - 03/18/2015
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Child-Friendly Faith Project Conference November 8, 2013 - 09/9/2013
Protect Americans from Terrorism- Looking Beyond Boston Marathon Bombings - 09/5/2013
Freedom of mind is the true basis of religious freedom - 09/5/2013
Interview with Masoud Banisadr on MeK - 02/20/2013
Jon Atack's book, "Let's Sell these People A Piece of Blue Sky: Hubbard, Dianetics and Scientology" - 02/8/2013
Exclusive 67 Page List of Entities Closely Associated with Sun Myung Moon - 02/18/2012
WMSCOG: Controversial Doomsday Group Escalates Recruitment Efforts and Files Lawsuit Against Internet Critics - 02/7/2012
An Expert Responds to the Cult Controversy re: Mormonism - 12/12/2011
A cult expert reviews the movie "Martha Marcy May Marlene" - 11/8/2011
The Disturbing Mainstream Connections of Yogi Bhajan - 09/27/2011
Vulnerable times: We all need to protect ourselves and each other! - 08/9/2011
From Rwanda to Libya: Who's Calling Whom a Cockroach Now? - 03/1/2011
Beware the "Main Street Bubble" of Multi-Level Marketing groups without U.S. Government Protection - 02/2/2011
Why the Reported Sale of the Moonies Washington Times for $1 Requires Greater Scrutiny! - 09/7/2010
Can Utilizing Knowledge of Cults Help Us with Terrorist Groups? - 06/11/2010
It's Time to End the Church of Scientology's Tax-Exempt Status - 04/28/2010