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Title Moon organization - Moon Front Groups (9b) International Closely Associated Entities Continued
International Closely Associated Entities:
True Love Foundation for Peace & Development in Africa * Monrovia 
Foundation Internationale de Secours et d'Amitie * This is the International Relief Friendship Foundation. 
Il Hwa (M) SDN. BHD * 
Pure Love True Family Association * This organization sponsored the Collegiate 
Ambassadors for Peace (CAP) National Convocation 2008 held in Kuala Lumpur 
in January 2008. 
Saeilo Japan (M) SDN.BHD * 
Saeilo (Penang) SDN.BHD * 
Tongil Trading Company Limited * 117, High Street, Sliema, SLM 1548 Malta 
Telephone: (+356) 21319929 Fax: (+356) 21342807 email: 
Sun Hwa International Academy * Founded and built by the Women s Federation for World Peace 
A. Haring Handelsonderneming * A. Haring Trading 
Beleggingsmaatschappji Dijkzicht # Investment Corp. 
E & A Consultants * Etten Leur 
European Artists Assn., Coojoord 273, Amsterdam NL-1103CR 
Happy World Netherlands * a.k.a. H.W.N. Trading 
Il Hwa Korean Import * 
Im-en Export Exler * 
MLM International * Etten Leur 
Sae-il Netherlands * The Crystal World 
Saeilo Machinery Holland * 
Schenk-Verhoeven Beheer * Schenk-Verhoeven Management 
Studio M * a.k.a. Yestra Graphic Design 
Sunburst * 
Tongil Netherlands * 
United Trade Industries (Holding) B.V. * Amsterdam 
Zarqa * 
Tiempos Nicaragua SA 
Family Federation Nigeria * 37 Sobo Arobiodu St., GRA, Ikeja, Lagos 
North Korea
Kumgangsan International Group * Bo Hi Pak is identified as Chairman of the company in an article from the Korea Herald dated 08/14/98. This company is developing tourist trips to North Korea. 
Mt. Kumkang International Group * Bo Hi Pak is identified as Chairman for the company in article from Chosunilbo newspaper dated 08/14/98. This may be another name for Kumgangsan International Group. 
Potongan Hotel * Pyonyang, A Japanese press report indicates the Unification Movement has a contract to manage the hotel. The article indicates the entire senior management staff is members of the Unification Movement. 
Pyonghwa Motors Co. * Contract with Fiat SpA to build cars at a plant near Nampo.
International Oceanic Enterprises * 
Lote Casado Company * Identified in media associated with the movement. Company owns almost 89,000 acres of farm land. 
Atenil Enterprises, SA * Inter Press Service article dated 04/16/01 stated this company is connected to the Moon organization. The company purchased 400,000 hectares including the town of Puerto Casado. 
Victoria, SA * Identified in media reports as a property holding company association with the Unification Movement in Asuncion. 
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification * 
Ideal World Corp * 
Il Hwa Philippines, Inc * 
Philippine Won Hwa Do Association, Inc. * 
True Ocean Fishing Industries, Inc. 
True World Travel * 
International Education Foundation * Moscow - Publishes the textbook "My World and I" used in several thousand schools. 
Federation of United Martial Arts # No longer in operation, this organization started in 1993 in St. Petersburg. 
Public Relations Center * POB 2024, Moscow, 101000 
New Hope Technical Institute * A school operated in conjunction with the Women's Association for World Peace. 
Continent Enterprise * Distributes Il Hwa products and is run by the Vice President of the church in Singapore. 
Saeilo Japan, Inc. * Singapore 
Saeilo Singapore Pte Ltd. * Singapore 
Saeilo Technologies Pte Ltd * 
Superact Book & Trading Co., Ltd. * Professor s World Peace Academy lists this 
company as their Singapore affiliate with the Vice President of the Singapore 
Church, Puay-Lam Teo, listed as the company contact. 
Tongil Singapore Pte., Ltd. * Distributes IlHwa products.
South Africa
Ecumenical Movement for the Advancement of National Goodwill Capetown 
Maguro International * Av. Montbui 46 (Caldes de Montbui), 08140 Barcelona, AP211, A seafood wholesale company. 
True World Foods * Poligono Prado Concejil, C/, Ossa Nave 22, 28890 Loeces (Madrid)
Amideast (ALC) * PO Box 2313, Damascus, Syria, Listed as a regional office for the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace on their web page.
Alpha Farmaceutia 
Causa International - 4 Rue De Hesse, 1206 Geneva 
F.P.F. SA * Home health care provider owned by Heiner Handschin head of the Swiss 
Universal Peace Foundation. 
FPF Assistance Sarl * Company provides home health care services. Owned by 
Hanschin family members. 
Geneva Interfaith Intercultural Alliance * 42 rue de Lausanne, Geneva. Co-founded by 
Heiner Handschin and Carolyn Handschin. Has an Ambassador program similar 
to the UPF Ambassadors for Peace program. Sponsors conferences with UPF 
and Women s Federation for World Peace.
IIC Inter-Industrial Holding Corp., Ltd. * Léon-Nicole 4 1201 Geneva. This is the 
ultimate parent company for Saeilo Deutchland GmbH. 
International Cultural Association * 4 Rue De Hesse, 1206 Geneva 
International Holding Company Ltd. 
Keminto SA * 
McCallum & Co SA * 
One Trade Sarl # Zurich
Produits Commerciaux Et Industries * 
True Family Trust * Administered by Umbricht & Badertscher, Zurich. 
Universal Peace Foundation * Registered in 2009 Heiner Handschin, President, Chemin de la Pierreire 1D Case postale 84 1092 Belmont-sur-Lausanne, Vaud, 1092 
Veremund AG * Holding company also known as Veremund Ltd and Veremund SA. Established in 2010 with Jinhyo Kwak is president. 
Happy Mind Trading Co. * 1st FL., No.33, Chin-Chou St. Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. 
Il Hwa (Thailand) Co., Ltd. * 
New Line Travel Service Co. * 
Saeilo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. * 396 Soi Ladpraw 94 (Panjamit) Ladpraw Rd., Plubpla 
Wangtonglang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand Phone: 662-934-8172-7 Fax: 662-934-
United Kingdom
Allstar Services, Ltd * 
British Clergy Leadership Conference * A project of UK based Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. The organization is patterned after their United 
States counterpart the American Clergy Leadership Conference. 
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification * 
Forever Young International, Ltd * 16, Willow Lane Business Park, 1-11, Willow Lane Mitcham CR4 4NA 
Gazer Productions of Europe, Ltd # 15A Dryden Ave., Hanwell London W7 1ES 
Health World UK Ltd. # Changed the name to King and Gardener, Ltd. on 09/06/1995. 
Holy Oak Hill Farms Ltd. * 
King and Gardener, Ltd. # Changed name to Maval Limited on 11/16/2006 
Lancaster Trading and Property Ltd. # Dissolved on 10/14/2003. 
London Livingstone Ltd.# 
Nature's Choice Ltd. * Westbury House, 23-25 Bridge St., Pinner Middlesex HA5 3HR Maval Limited # Dissolved on 11/08/2011 
New Tomorrow Ltd. # 
New World Investments, Ltd. # 
Oceanfresh Ltd. # 
Omega Bakeries Ltd. # 
Saeilo Machinery (UK), Ltd. # Changed name to Service Technology Ltd. 
Service Technology Ltd. # Dissolved on 10/14/2003 
Sun Myung Moon Foundation # Changed the name to Family Federation for World Peace and Unification 
Sun Ocean Ltd., * 4 Cullen Way London, NW10 6JZ Phone: 44.020.8838.2603 Part of the True World Group. 
The Morality Forum * This is a project of the FFWPU. 
U.K. Won Hwa Do Association * 
Unified Family Enterprises, Ltd. # Changed name to Lancaster Trading and Property Ltd. 
Unisun Enterprises # 
Wacom Components Europe * Subsidiary of Germany company Wacom Europe GMBH.
Women s Federation for World Peace * 43 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NA 
Atenil, S.A. * 
Astillero Atenil * Shipyard 
Banco De Credito S.A. * (Uruguay's third largest bank) Media reports indicate Uruguay's Central Bank took control of the bank on Sept. 18, 1998. 
Cerro Freeport * Port construction project on the Montevideo waterfront. 
Corporacion Rioplatense de Hoteles S.A. * 
Creditos * A consumer credit company. 
Elinor S.A. * 
Hotel Horacio Quiroga * 
Impresora Polo, LTDA * Montevideo, Printing company. 
L Ecoile * Punta del Este, Restaurant in this exclusive resort city where Moon maintains a residence. 
Radisson Victoria Plaza Hotel * Montevideo This is a 255 room hotel and casino. 
Rondilcor, S.A. * Holding Company 
St. George Ltd. * Described as an investment arm of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church in Bloomberg article dated 11/28/02. The article stated the government was considering a proposal by the company to allow Banco De Credito SA to reopen. 
Tong Il * Francisco Lee is reported President of the company 6/11/01 
Top Ocean * Fishing company 
Ultimas Noticias * (newspaper) 
Varadero Tsako * Shipyard 
Wacom Uruguay SA * 
Welmir * Identified in a story dated 07/31/01 from Blood-Horse Magazine as a 
partnership formed by the Radisson Hotel with the capital of Reverend Sun 
Myung Moon of the Unification Church. The story states Welmir was one of a 
number of companies that have bid to operate a racetrack in Uruguay. 
World Stone Com. E. Exp. De Joias, Ltd. 
International Design * Trade name for Christian Bernard. Press reports indicate the company has opened a factory with an initial workforce of one-hundred and fifty. Maguro International * 3FL, 28 Phan Thuc Duyen Street, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Hochiminh City. A seafood wholesale company. 
Mekong Corp. * Ho Chi Minh City, This is an automobile manufacturing joint venture between the government of Vietnam, Saeilo Machinery Japan, Inc. and Sea Young International. Vietnam state owned companies are reported to hold 30% of the company stock as partners for the government. The company may have ceasedoperations and transferred assembly equipment to North Korea for use by Pyonghwa Motors Co. 
Oriental Co., Ltd. * Listed on Tongil Group Web Page as part of IlSung Overseas 
ECOPROF * Technical school in Kinshasa.