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Title Moon organization - Moon Front Groups (8b) Closely Associated Business Entities Continued
Closely Associate Business Entities:
The following businesses are listed according to States for your convenience. Keep in mind, however, that we may not be aware of all locations in which these businesses have branches. Therefore, it is advisable to check the entire listing. Each company listed is considered a Closely Associated Entity of the Unification Movement. These are companies owned, operated or controlled by the Unification Movement or its members. In many cases they are businesses started by UC members. Some members start their own businesses others are the figurehead owners to conceal links to the Unification Movement.
New York
3L Corp # CARP business that changed name to Multimedia Research Group 
6 East 37th St. Corp * Company purchased 6-8 East 37th St. in Manhattan from 
Continental Development Corp in 1997. This company and True World Realty 
and Property Management, Inc. have the same president. 
AA High Tech * Subsidiary of Saeilo Machinery, Inc. 
Abel Business Services, Inc. * Mamaroneck 
Accord, Inc., 481 8th Ave., 10001 (212) 714-1099 
Acumedia Technology Development, Inc. * 60 E. 42nd St., #1166, NY, NY 10165. This company was incorporated in 1996 and appeared as a wholly owned subsidiary of CARP in IRS Annual reports from at least 1999 to 2001. The 2002 CARP IRS Annual report no longer lists any ownership interest in the company. 
Admiral Marine Electronics Corp. * 38-38 9th St. L.I.C., NY 11101 
Alex & Ginseng Beverage Corp. # 
American Screen and Music -- NY, NY. 
Art Du Monde, Inc. * Subsidiary of Unification Church International 
Atlantic Communications, Inc. * Uses same address as Terralink 
B.F. Devco, Inc. # This company was a subsidiary of Continental Development Corp. 
Beverage Corp of NY * Brooklyn, distributes Ginseng Up. 
BFA Services, Inc * 1120 Ave, of the Americas, Suite 4132 
Blue Jay Enterprises - 401 5th Ave., NYC 
Blue Sky Tours # 
Business Research Corp. * 481 8th Ave., NY, NY. 
Canaan Health Foods # 1145 Ave. of Americas, NYC 
Canaan Travel Services, Inc. * 393 5th Ave. Listed as a subsidiary of the Canaan 
Foundation, Inc. on 1991 non-profit tax return. 
Champion Interiors * 
Champion Services, Inc. * 103 N. 13th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 
Champion Realty Group, Inc. # 481 8th Ave., New York City 
Christian Bernard Jewelry Stores # 
Christina Bahn, Inc. - wholesale furrier - 401 5th Ave. 
Condevco, Inc. # This company was subsidiary of Continental Development Corp. 
Continental Development Corp. * Real estate holding company. 
Creative Designs International, Inc. * 34 State St. Ossining, NY 10562, changed name to Hudson River Inlay, Inc. 
Creative Originals - 120 S. Broadway, Red Hook, NY 12571 
Creative Originals Properties, Incorporated # 
Creative Woods * Same address as Creative Designs 
Crossings * 4 W. 43rd. St., New gourmet coffee shop. 
Crystal World, 38-38 9th Ave., L. I. City, NY 11101 718-786-0259 Company is wholly owned by True World Holdings, LLC 
Daikoku Restaurant, Inc. * Owns Kiiroi Hana Japanese Restaurant 
Delval Realty, Inc. # 200 Saw Mill River Rd., Hawthorne, NY 10603 
Dumonde Gallery * NYC 
East Sun Automotive Corporation # 38-38 9th Ave., L. I. City, NY 11101 
East Sun Building, 38-38 9th St., L.I. City, NY 11101 
East West Link Corporation # 401-B 5th Ave., NYC 
Empire East Coast Builders, Inc. * 4 W. 43rd 
Empowered Media Corp * 481 8th Ave. 
ESPB, Inc. * Subsidiary of News World Communications, Inc. 
Fine International Cuisine Corporation * 
Fir and Pine Corp # Company had traded under the name Pasta Bowl restaurant on Second Ave. 
First Generation Costume Jewelers, Inc. *
Four Seasons Photo, Inc. * 2 East 37th St., NY, NY 10016. 
Freedom Tours, 53rd Ave. & 11th St., Queens, NY 718-784-5550 
Fruitzer Co., 401 B 5th Ave., NYC 212-889-6095 Company owned by Ginseng Up Corp. 
Fuhriman Beat, 481 8 Ave., NYC 10001; 212-564-0599 
Future Merchandising Systems, Inc. * White Plains 
Future Productions, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001 212-564-0130 
G. M. Bridge Corp. * 237 Mamaroneck Ave. White Plains, NY 10605. 
Ganada, Inc., 38-38 9th St., LI City 11101 718-706-0750 
Ginseng Glass Garden - 510 Ave. of the Americas, NYC 
Ginseng Up Corp., 401B 5th Ave., NYC 10017 212-683-1930 
Glass Garden Manufacturing, Inc. * 60 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn 
Global Communications * Counter Espionage Consulting, P.O. Box 70, Irvington, NY 
Global Concerns, Ltd., 401 5th Ave., NYC 10016 (DBA Tongil) 
Go Tours, Inc. # 38-38 9th St., LI City 11101 718-729-6594 
Go Transportation, Inc. # 38-38 9th St., LI City, 11101 718-729-6594. This is the parent company for Freedom Tours and Go Tours. 
Go World, Inc. * Travel Agency 
Go World Travel * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001 212-067-8080 Changed name to Canaan Travel Services, Inc. on 7/24/89. The new address is 393 5th Ave. 
Going Up Press 401 5th Ave., NYC 10016; 212-683-4452 
Gold Moon Enterprises, Inc. * 481 8th Ave. NY, NY. 
Good Connections, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-279-1126 
Good Food Café, 401B 5th Ave., NYC 10016; 212-686-3546 Company owned by Il Hwa American Corp. 
Hager, Bacus & Biermans * 4 W 43rd St., NYC 10036 212-869-5706. UC members who are attorneys and handle church legal work. 
Han Corp. * Owns New Hope Farms Port Jervis, NY. Company had owned 3,000 acre horse farm in Carrizo Springs, TX. This farm was sold in 1999 for $6.5 million. 
New York State Division of Corporations records indicate this company now uses 
the name United Vision Group, Inc. 
Hanam Asset Acquisition, Inc. * Same address as Hanam Capital Corp. 
Hanam Capital Corp. * 38 West 32nd St., Suite 1512 
Hanam Consultant Services, Inc. # Dissolved 01/06/94. 
Happy Roads 
Happy World USA, 38-38 9th St., LI City 11101; 718-786-0187 
Heung Young (America), Inc. # 481 8th Ave. 
Homeopathic Natural Supply of NY, 2 E. 37th St., NYC 10036 
Hope Industries Inc. - 316 5th Ave./325 W. 108th St., NYC 
Horizon Galleries * Dun & Bradstreet reports this is a trade name of Art Du Monde, Inc. 
HSA Communications, Inc., 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-736-2663 
HSA Publications, 4 W. 43rd St., NYC 10036; 212-997-0050 
Hudson Realty Associates, Inc. # Changed name to Hudson Aquatic Park, Inc. 04/18/97. 
Hudson River Inlay, Inc. * Subsidiary of United Vision Group, Inc. Markets wooden marquetry. Generally sold through kiosks in malls. Also seen with a booth at craft fairs. 
I Travel, Inc. * 350 5th Ave., Suite 4901, 212-736-6030 - Name change to Seil America 
Icusa, Inc., 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-239-1095 
Il Hwa American Corp. - 401 B 5th Ave. NYC 212-696-0130 
Il Hwa Korean Ginseng Center * a/k/a Good Food Café 
Il Hwa Pharmaceutical Co. * 
Il Sung Construction Co., 38-38 9th St., LI City, 11101 
INA Consulting # 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-714-1111 
International One World Crusade * 723 Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591 
International One World Communications Network, Inc. # 481 8th Ave. 
International Oceanic Enterprises, Inc. # Name changed to True World Group, Inc. 
IOE Group Consulting * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001 
Issei Construction Co., Inc. * New name for Sunko Construction then changed name to Japanese Typesetting Hikari, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001 
JEM Beverage Corp. # 
Jin Wha Printing Co., Inc. * 350 5th Ave. Suite 6106, NY, NY 10118. Merged with 
Hikari Japanese Typesetting, Inc. on 6/3/87. 
Katsugyo Restaurant, Inc. * Company owns Tenkai restaurant at 20 W 56th. 
Kenkoh American Company * Subsidiary of Il Hwa American Corp. 
Restaurant, Inc. # Owns Maruihana Japanese Restaurant 143-45 Fulton St. Manhattan. 
Korean Evangelical Association (another name for UC) 
Koya Mart # 
Life Enrichment Enterprises * Barrytown 
Manhattan Center Studios, Inc. 311 W. 34th St., NYC 10001. The company is a 
subsidiary of Unification Church International. 
Manhattan Opera House Ballrooms & Banquet Halls, Inc. # 
Master Marine, Inc. * AKA Master Marine of N.Y., Inc. 38-38 9th St., LI City 11101 Master Marine of N.Y., Inc. * 
Masterland Construction Co., Inc. * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001 Subsidiary of Tong IL Enterprises. 
MCNY Group, Inc. * 4 W 43rd St., NY, NY 10036 According to a 2005 financial 
statement for the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity 
this company is wholly owned by this organization. This is a holding company 
that owns the New Yorker Management Co, Inc., Manhattan Center Studios, Inc., 
Manhattan Center Productions, Inc. and Empire East Coast Builders, Inc. 
Microsignals, Inc. 38-42 9th St. L.I.C., NY 11101 
Midtown Sports Club * 481 8th Ave. NY, NY 10001 
Moon Industrial Real Estate, LLC * Kook Jin Moon is Managing Partner 
Morningside Fish Market - 1282 Amsterdam Ave., NYC 
New Future Photo * 481 8th Ave. NYC 
New Hope Sport * 34 State St., Ossining, NY 10562  
New Yorker Health Resources, Inc. * 481 8th Ave. NYC 
New Yorker Hotel Management Co. * 481 8th Ave., NY, NY 10001. Aka World Mission Center 
New York Ocean, Inc * Owns Sonobana Restaurant 481 8th Ave. 
New World Products, Inc. * 401 5th Ave., NYC 
New Shopping World, Inc. * C/O One World Market, 38-42 9th St., 4th Fl, LIC, NY 
News World Communications Inc. 401 5th Ave., NYC 10016 
N-H Farms, Inc. * Uses trade name of New Hope Farms. 
Noble Productions, Inc. * 481 8th Ave. 
Oceanic Seafood Enterprises * 
Omoni Systems, Inc. # 47 Taxter Rd., Irvington, NY 10533 
One Heart International, Inc. * 481 8th Ave. NY, NY 
One Heart Trading Company * 481 8th Ave. NY, NY. 
One Lite Electric # 
One Up Enterprises * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001 
One World Development, Inc. * 481 8th Ave., Room 611A wholly owned subsidiary of True World Holdings, LLC 
Original Health, Inc. -- 481 8th Ave., NY, NY. 
Original World Products Corporation * Now goes by name UV Sales, Inc. 
Original World Products, Inc. # 
Oro Designs, Inc. # Owns Christian Bernard Store in Herald Square 
Paradigm Capital Management, Inc. * Founded and run by Bo Hi Pak's son James M. Park. 
Paradigm Global Advisors, LLC * 650 5th Ave., NY, NY 10019 Also run by James M. Park. 
Paragon Book Reprint Corp. * Owns Paragon House Publishers. Company is owned by International Cultural Foundation. 
Pine Island Aquaculture * DBA for True World Farms, Inc. 250 Oil City Rd., Pine Island, NY 10969 
Prime Energy Products, 401B 5th Ave., NYC 10016; 212-683-1930 
Provident Developers, Inc. # Subsidiary of Go Transportation. 
Rainbow Enterprises, Inc. # 
Richdorf, Inc. # 401 5th Ave., #224, NY, NY 10016 
Reiki Master Teacher, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-239-0128 
Ryugu America, Inc. # Owns Akaihana Restaurant 2164 Broadway, NY, NY. 
SaeGae Mascom, Inc. # 401 5th Ave, NY, NY 10016 
Saeilo Equity Holdings, LLP * 630 Route 303, Blauvelt, NY 
Saeilo Machinery USA, Inc. * 38-38 9th St., LIC 718-786-2927 
Saeilo Machinery NY, Inc. * 587 Route 303, Blauvelt, NY 
Saeilo Motors NY, Inc. * 69-15 50th St., Woodside, NY 11377; 718-651-8100 
Saeilo Motors NY, Inc. * 428 Waverly Ave., Mamaroneck. 
Saeilo Refrigeration * 38-38 9th St., LIC, NY 11101; 718-937-9840 Assumed name used by Saeilo Machinery, Inc. 
Saeilo USA, Inc. * 630 Route 303, Blauvelt, NY 914-353-7770 
Season to Season Florist * DBA for Future Merchandising Systems. 
Sei Shin, Inc. # 
Seil Travel America, Inc. * 401 5th Ave., NYC Believed to be a subsidiary of Seichi Travel Service, Inc. in Japan. 
Seito Trading, Inc. * Long Island City 
Sekaino-Shiawase East, Inc. # Changed name to Shokuhin Development East, Inc. 
Shinshu International, Inc. # Changed name to New York Fish House, Inc. in 1985. New York Fish House changed its name to True World Foods, Inc. of New York in 1999. True World Foods, Inc. of New York is a wholly owned subsidiary of True World Group, Inc. 
Shokuhin Development Inc. 350 Fifth Ave., Suite 6104, New York, NY 10118. This address is listed for service of process with the New York State Division of 
Shokuhin Development East, Inc. # 
South Bay Gunnery Supply * 10 Dock Rd., Barrytown, NY 12507. This is the address of the Unification Theological Seminary. Company is a DBA for J. Douglas Williams. Hyo Jin Moon bankruptcy records indicate this subject purchased his 
collection of firearms and ammunition for $38, 795.39. 
Sunko Construction Co. * Current entity name is Issei Construction Co., Inc. 38-38 9th St., LI City, 11101 
Sunlight Graphics # 401 5th Ave., NYC 10016; 212-683-4452 
Tec Electric Corporation * Yonkers 
Technology Development Holdings, LLC * 1 Blue Hill Plaza, Pearl River, NY 10965. This is a Delaware corporation that is a wholly owned for profit venture of the Young Jin Moon Charitable Foundation. 
Teikoku Seafood, Inc. # 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001 Phone is 212-714-1441. * Japanese restaurant in New York City. Part of the True World Group. 
Terada America, Inc. # 
Terralink, Inc. * P.O. Box 1397 New York, NY 10018 
The Glass Garden, Inc. * 60 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn 11222 
The Natural Choice, 481 8th Ave., NYC 212-564-6039 
Tong Il Enterprises - 342 Front St., NYC Wholesale warehouse 
Tongil Trading America Co., Inc., 401 5th Ave., NYC 10016 
Tree of Life Restaurant - 521 3rd Ave. 101 W. 125th St. 
Trinity Corp. # 481 8th Ave., Suite 647, NYC 10001. Uses the trade name of Small Essentials. Records with the New York State Division of Corporations show 
company as inactive. 
Tropical Spring of NY * 401 B 5th Ave., NY, NY 10016 
True North Adventures, Inc. # 34 State Street, Ossining, NY 10562. Owned by United Vision Group, Inc. Merged into True North Adventures, Inc. of Alaska. 
True World, Inc. * Delaware corporation formed on 11/25/2009 that operates in New York. 
True World Farms, Inc, * DBA Pine Island Aquaculture. 
True World Foods, Inc. * Changed name to Solutant Corp. Corporation records filed in Alaska indicate as of November 30, 2001 Company was wholly owned subsidiary of True World Group, Inc. 
True World Group, Inc. * 481 8th Ave. 212-268-1900 Name changed from International Oceanic Enterprises, Inc. 
True World Group Consulting * 481 8th Ave., New York, NY 10001 212-868-2222 
True World Realty and Property Management, Inc. # 401 5th Ave., NYC 10036 
True World Restaurant, Inc. * 481 8th Ave, Suite 618. Company owns True World Restaurant of Alaska, LLC in Alaska. A wholly owned subsidiary of True World 
Holdings, LLC 
True World Restaurant of New York, Inc. * C/O True World Group, 481 8th Ave. 
Uni Vision, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-563-1320 
Unification Church International # 4 W. 43rd St., NYC. This is a tax paying holding company based in Falls Church, VA. Not active at this address. 
Unification Church World, 481 8th Ave., NYC 212-279-6766 
United Materials Industries Inc., 46-09 54th Rd., Maspeth, NY 
United Vision Group, Inc. * Ad in Unification News listed Hudson River Inlay and 
Dimensions as part of the company. The ad mentions being part of the excitement of an Inc. 500 company. This is most likely a reference to a Han Corp. listing as the ninth fastest growing company in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine. This may indicate a possible parent/subsidiary relationship between the two companies. United Vision Sales, Inc. * Ad in March 1994 Unification News indicated the company was formed by a merger of Creative Designs and Original World Products. NY Division of Corporations records indicate company now uses the name of UV Sales, Inc. 
Universal Artist Management, Inc. 401 5th Ave., 10018 
Uniworld Sea Enterprises Inc. # No longer open. 
UV Sales, Inc. * New name for United Vision Sales, Inc. which had changed its name from Original World Products. 
Vallsinvest, S.A. # 
Vertizon, Inc., # 481 8th Ave., 10001; 212-714-1090 
Woloji Properties, Inc. * Property holding company located in Tarrytown. 
World Audio Visual Enterprises * WAVE 401 5th Ave., NY, NY. 
World Mission Center, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-947-1115. 
World Ocean, Inc. * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001 212-967-8365. 
World Research Institute for Science and Technology, Inc. * 38-38 9th St., LIC, NY 11101, Phone 718-937-7955. This company is a subsidiary of Unification Church International. 
North Carolina
Beautiful Flowers Co. * Charlotte 
Hobby World Development, Inc. * This company owns property at 1145 Sensation Weigh, Beaufort, NC 28516. 
True World Foods, Inc. * 9521-D Lumley Road, Raleigh 
True World Foods Raleigh, LLC * 300 Dominion Dr., Morrisville 
True World Marine, LLC * Boat building operations at 1145 Sensation Weigh, Beaufort, NC 28516. 
Sekaino Shiawase of N.C., Inc. # Owns Little Tokyo restaurant in Cary 
Akai Hana Japanese Restaurant * 1167 Old Henderson Rd., Columbus, OH 43220 
Back to Earth 
Belle s Bread * Trade name filed by Pacific Food, Inc. 
Champs Elysees * Cleveland, Owned by Christian Bernard Sores 
Energy for Life * Trade name filed in 1996 by Hsu & Company 
Hana Gifts * Trade name filed by Pacific Food, Inc. 
Hsu & Company # Changed name to Hsu & Company McNaughton Road, Inc. 
Hsu & Company Homer Road, Inc. * 
Hsu & Company Morse Road, Inc. * 
Hsu & Company Sawmill Road, Inc. * 
Hsu Retreat Center, Inc. * Utica 
Hsu Wholistic Health Systems, Inc. * 
Il Hwa Ginseng Co. Cleveland 
Pacific Food, Inc. * Company owns Akai Hana Japanese Restaurant in Columbus. 
Panda Motors Corp. - 4400 Dixie Hwy. Hamilton 
Restaurant Japan # Trade name registered by Pacific Food, Inc. 
Saeilo Machinery OH, Inc. # Lincoln Heights 
Saeilo Machinery USA, Inc. # Cincinnati 
Tenkai * Trade name filed by Pacific Food, Inc. 
Tensuke Express * Trade name filed by Pacific Food, Inc. 
Tensuke Market * Trade name filed by Pacific Food, Inc. 
True World Foods Columbus, LLC * 3004 East 14th Ave., Columbus 
United Vision Sales, Inc. * 
Whole Earth & Unity Inc. - Cleveland 
Tokyo Japanese Restaurant * 7516 N. Western Ave., Oklahoma City. Part of True World Group, Inc. 
Blessed Family Association, Oregon * 2802 NE 21st Ave., Portland 
Cox Audio Systems * White City 
Ikenohana Corp. * Owns Ikenohana Japanese Restaurant Beverton. Part of True World Group, Inc. 
The Computer Exchange * DBA for Gregory S. Bowman  
True World Foods, Inc. of Seattle * 7911 NE 33rd Dr. #220, Portland 
Women's Federation for World Peace, Inc. * The same address as the Blessed Family Association. 
Christian Bernard Jewelers # King of Prussia/Willow Grove 
Il Hwa Ginseng Center - King of Prussia Mall, Philadelphia 
Tokyo Enterprises, Inc. * Owns Shiroi Hana Japanese Restaurant 
Trans Ocean, Inc. # Seafood Company in Philadelphia. Dissolved in 1995. 
True World Foods, Inc. * 530 Foundry Road, Norristown, PA 19401 
True World Foods Philadelphia, LLC * 530 Foundry Road, Norristown, PA 19401 
United World Enterprises - Havertown 
Rhode Island
Japanese Restaurant Perry, Inc. * Owns Haruki Japanese Restaurant Cranston. Part of True World Group, Inc. 
South Carolina
Crown Prints * 2060 Pineview Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29307 Sells foil prints online through 
Sakura Japanese Restaurant * Columbia - Part of the True World Group, Inc. 
Tennessee Tokyo Express, Inc. * Owns Benkay Japanese Restaurant Nashville. Part of the True World Group, Inc. 
True World Foods International, Inc. * Bartlett 
C F Han, Inc. # Changed name to Centem U.S., Inc. This company had owned New Hope Farms in Carrizo Springs. 
Continental Development Corp # 
Decor Specialty, Inc. -- Richardson 
Dehen, Inc. * Owns Ginza Japanese Restaurant in Houston. 
Far East Corp. 
Far East Seafood, Inc. * Houston 
Han Corp. * Company had previously owned Crawford Farms and changed the name to New Hope Farms in Carrizo Springs. They sold the farm in 1999. 
Hana Sho Japanese Restaurant * Dallas - Part of the True World Group, Inc. 
Happy Oriental Food, Inc. # 
Horizon Galleries * 800 Belt Dr., NW, #200E, Houston. 
Horizon Galleries * Both Horizon Galleries are owned by News World Communications 
Oriental Enterprise, Inc. * Owns Hana Sho restaurant. 
Saeilo, Inc. *  
Saeilo Machinery USA, Inc. - Dallas 
Saeilo Motors TX, Inc. * 9150 Emnora, Suite A, Houston 
Sakura Japanese Restaurant * Houston 
Shinano Club * Dallas 
Star of the Orient, Inc. * Houston 
True World Foods Dallas, LLC * 8919 Governors Row, Dallas. A wholly owned 
subsidiary of True World Holdings, LLC 
True World Foods, Inc. of Miami * 4008 Commerce St Ste 200c, Dallas, TX 75226 
True World Holdings, LLC * Filed a Texas Franchise Tax registration. 
United Sea Enterprises * DBA for True World Foods, Inc. in Dallas 
World Trends, Inc. # 
Sakura Restaurant Corp. * Owns Sakura Sushi Holiday. 
Sakura of Japan, Inc. * Owns Sakura Japanese Restaurant Burlington. A wholly owned subsidiary of True World Holdings, LLC 
A-Master Marine # 
American Media Marketing, Inc. * Falls Church 
American Star Recording Studio # 
Beauregard Realty, Inc. * Company owns $2.2 million worth of vacant land in Virginia. 
Center for Spiritual Enlightenment * 
Christian Bernard Jewelry Stores # Virginia Beach, Fair Oaks Mall and Tysons Mall Concept Communications * Owns 28% of cable TV network The Nostalgia Network. 
Crown Communications Corp. * Owns Concept Communications Corp. 
Crown Capital Corp. * Owns Crown Communications. 
D.C. Holding Company, Inc. # Sterling, VA 
Deb's Deli Diner * Owned by Moon follower Nathan Loew. 
Dimensions # Trade Name for United Vision Sales Group. Cart at Tysons Corner Center Mall that sells Magic Pens. Many of the kiosks or carts found at malls are 
Doctor U.S. Pahk Heart Foundation * 
East West Services, Inc. * Falls Church, owns 
Exclusively Roses * Tysons Corner 
Father's Fish - Richmond 
FutureRealm Productions * Richmond, Owned by Peter Brown 
Gene's Grocery & Deli # Recently sold by Grace and Park Corp. 
Global Image Associates # McLean Public relations firm no longer in business. 
Global Video Productions * 6400-N Seven Corners Place, Falls Church, VA 22042 
Phone 703-237-7733 FAX 703-533-2946. 
Grace & Park Corp. * Owns Property in the Washington, D.C. area. 
Hana Enterprises, Inc. # Owns Yamano Hana Japanese Restaurant 
Hana Enterprises, Inc. # Owns Niwano Hana Japanese Restaurant 
Harvard-Columbia Video, Inc. * 
International Seafood Co. - West End, Southampton Ave., Norfolk 
International Video Services, Inc. # 
International Oceanic Enterprise, Inc. * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043 
Kenmar Enterprises * 
Kingsway L.P. * McLean real estate holding company owned by Bo Hi Pak and family. 
Machine Industries, Inc. * Owns an interest in Saeilo, Inc. 
Modern Mailing Service # 
National Hospitality Corporation * Wholly owned subsidiary of US Property 
Development Corp. The company once owned the Sheraton National Hotel in 
New Wave Seafood, Inc. * Retail seafood outlet in Baileys Crossroads. 
Northern Virginia Properties, Inc. * 6723 Whittier Ave. McLean 
Northern Virginia Homes, Inc. * 8260 Greensboro Dr., McLean 
One Up Enterprises, Inc. * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church 703-448-7333 
Panda Motors Corp. * Project to build cars in China now on hold. Panda Group Ltd. 
Paragon Investment Properties, Inc. * Burke, VA. 
Park Realty Corp. # McLean, Jonathan Park, son of Bo Hi Pak, is president. This 
company is the sole general partner of Kingsway Limited Partnership. 
P.G. Arbor & Company * Trade name for Hudson River Inlay. Sold wooden inlay 
pictures at Tysons Corner Center Mall during Christmas 1997. 
PMC Partnership # McLean 
Professional Resources, Inc. # 
Rocketts Holdings, LLC * 
Route 7 Realty, Inc. * Real estate holding company. Owns large office building at 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church. 
Shiroi Hana, Inc. * Owns Shiroi Hana Richmond. 
Stein & Associates * McLean 
The Young Gruppe, Inc. * 
Tele-Color Studio * Changed name to Atlantic Video, Inc. 
True Value Builders # 
True World Holdings, LLC * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Suite 406N, Falls Church, VA 22043. Company holds nearly 25 registered the trademarks. 
True World Group, Inc. * Norfolk 
Unification Church International * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043. Main holding company for Unification Movement closely associated entities. Company changed the name to UCI after Hyun Jin (Preston) Moon wrestled control of the company away from his father. 
USP Acquisitions, LLC * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043 
USP Caldwell, LLC * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043 Company holds a 12-½ % interest in a 662+ acre development project near Boone, NC. 
USP Chicago Ontario, LLC * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043 
USP Development LLC * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043 Subsidiary of One Up Enterprises, Inc. 
USP Echo Harbour, LLC * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043 
USP Management, LLC * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043 
USP Norfolk, LLC * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043 
USP Rocketts LLC * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043 Company is 
developing the Echo Harbour condominium project in Richmond. It is a 
subsidiary of USP Development LLC. 
USP Summerfield Acquisitions, LLC * 
U.S. Foods, Inc. * Merged with U.S. Property Development Corp 
U.S. Marine Corporation * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043. UC owns 83% of voting stock remaining 17% owned by One Up Enterprises at this address. U.S. Property Development Corp. * 150 S. Gordon St. Alexandria, 
Virginia Business Development Company, Inc. # 
Virginia Business Enterprises, Inc. * Holding company. 
Virginia Japanese Restaurant, Inc. * Owns Hana Zushi Richmond. Part of True World Group, Inc. 
Virginia Operating Company, Inc. # 
VP Enterprises # 
World Daily News Co., Ltd. # 
Aikyo Seafood Co. * Trade name registered to True World Foods of Seattle. 
Coastal Properties Management, Inc. * 2440 W. Commodore Way, Seattle, WA 98199. 
Go 'N Joy Convenience Stores * Closed its stores after publicity over liquor license investigation. Company activities carried on by New Pacific Development Corp. 
Hisago Japanese Restaurant * Seattle - Part of True World Group, Inc. 
HWA Giant Clam, Inc. * DBA for Ocean Hope, Inc. 
HWA Smokehouse, Inc. # Owned by Happy World America. Changed name to Ocean Hope, Inc. on 4/4/89 and administratively dissolved by Secretary of State on 3/25/91. 
International Marine Farms # No current office in WA. 
International Seafoods of Alaska, Inc. * Seattle A wholly owned subsidiary of True World Holdings, LLC 
Koalas Roos & Kiwi * Three locations in Washington state. 
L.T. Finance Corp. * Merged with Happy World U.S.A., Inc. on 07/19/89 with L.T. 
Finance Corp. as the surviving entity. 
Merit Web Design * 
Monumental Development Corp. # 
New Hope Marine, Inc. * Seattle Company is a subsidiary of Shining Ocean, Inc. 
New Pacific Development Corp. * 2220 Marine View Dr. #100 Des Moines, WA 98198. Trailer parks are owned by this real estate holding company. 
Northwest Seafood Co., Inc. 
Ocean Peace, Inc. * 
Saeilo Machinery WA, Inc. * Renton, may no longer be in business. 
Sanshin Restaurant Corp. * Owns Kohan Japanese Restaurant 
Seattle Pictures * Shares P.O. Box with Merit Web Design 
Shiroi Hana, Inc. * Seattle 
Shining Ocean, Inc. * 1515 Puyallup St. Sumner, WA 98390 A wholly owned subsidiary of True World Holdings, LLC 
Sunrise Seattle Corporation, Ltd. # Seattle, Changed name to True World Foods, Inc. of Seattle on 05/04/99. 
Sunrise Trading * Seattle 
Sunrise Seafood Company * Seattle 
True World Foods, Inc. of Seattle * Doing business as Sunrise Seafood Company 
True World Foods International, Inc. * 1515 Puyallup St., Sumner, WA 98390-2234 
True World Foods Portland, LLC * 301 E Grand Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98661 
True World Foods Seattle, LLC * 1501 South 92nd Place, Suite D, Seattle 
Wacom Technology Corporation * 1311 SE Cardinal Ct., Vancouver, WA 98683. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese company Wacom, Ltd. 
Wacom, Ltd is a subsidiary of Japanese company Happy World, Inc. 
Washington, DC
650 Massachusetts Ave. Associates, L.P. # 
AmericanLife TV * 650 Massachusetts Ave., Trade name used by Nostalgia Network, Inc. for their cable channel. Media reports indicate the cable channel had been sold early 2009 to a company owned in part by Robert A. Schuller Jr. 
Atlantic Creative * A division of Atlantic Video, Inc. 
Atlantic Video, Inc. * 650 Mass. Ave., NW 
Barker International Associates, Inc. # 
Baruch T.V. Group * 
Christian Bernard Jewelers # Georgetown Park Mall 
D.C. Holding Company, Inc. # 
Deli-Sun (delicatessen) # 
Exclusively Roses * 1133 20th St., NW 
Ginseng Trading Corp. # 
Good Health Natural Foods * Health food store owned by Il Hwa American Corp. 
Happy Mind, Inc. # Happy Mind Home Shoppers Club. Home shopping service owned by Unification Church International. 
Health, Beauty and Longevity, Inc. * 3600 New York Ave., Suite 360 
Joe Badra, Inc. 
L.H. Baer, Ltd., Inc. # Washington, D.C. 
Middle East Associates # 
Monumental Construction & Moulding Company, Inc., *
Newslink, Inc. # Company is a subsidiary of Concept Communications Corp. It has over one million dollars of liens against it in the District of Columbia. This is a 
Delaware corporation. The state of Delaware has revoked the company's charter. 
NNI Acquisition Corporation * Corporate vehicle used to take Nostalgia Network, Inc. private. This is no longer a public company and is not required to file reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 
Nostalgia Network, Inc. * Cable network showing old movies. Controlled through stock ownership by Concept Communications, Inc and series of funding entities 
associated with the Unification Movement. Media reports indicate the cable 
channel had been sold by the movement in early 2009 to a company owned in part by Robert A. Schuller Jr. 
PTPN Group * Potomac Television/Pyramid NewsPort. 
PVI, Inc. * Formerly Pyramid Video, Inc. 
RFR International # 
The Washington Times, LLC * 
Tiempos USA, LLC * 
Tropical Multimedia * DBA for Christopher McKeon 
Unification Church a/k/a Korean Evangelical Association 
Urban Grocery, LLC * 
Ultra Urban Life Training & Reality Assessment Teen Choice * 
Washington Independent News * 
Washington Times Aviation, LLC * 3600 New York Ave., NE, Suite 300, WDC 20002. Company had previously exported helicopters to its subsidiary in South Korea. Has previously owned a Bombardier, Inc. Turbojet Model: BD-700-1A10 with tail number N338TP used by Moon. 
Washington Times Aviation USA, LLC * 
Washington Times Corp. * This company publishes the Washington Times newspaper. The company merged into The Washington Times, LLC a Delaware limited liability corporation. 
Washington Times National Media Group, LLC * A Delaware corporation. 
Washington Television Center L.P. * Company had owned office building at 650 
Massachusetts Ave., NW. Sold the building for $113 million in December 2010. 
WTC Realty, Inc. * General partner of Washington Television Center L.P. 
West Virginia
Hana, Inc. # Owned Little Tokyo restaurant in Charleston. 
Prospect Hall, Inc. * Real estate holding company and subsidiary of New Hope Farm, Inc. 
Prospect Hall Shooting Club * Operates on property owned by New Hope Farm, Inc. New Hope Farm, Inc. * Company owns 1, 095 acres in Berkley and Jefferson counties near the town or Middleway. Property is assessed at more than $1,000,000. The Washington Times Corp. and News World Communications, Inc jointly own New Hope Farm, Inc.  
Kyoto, Inc. * Owns Ginza Japanese Restaurant Madison. Company is owned by 
Shokuhin Development, Inc. 
Sakura Wyoming, Inc. * Owned Sakura Japanese Restaurant Cheyenne. May no longer be open.