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Title The Hoffman Quadrinity Process
Founder Bob Hoffman

The Hoffman Quadrinity Process The Hoffman Quadrinity Process is a seven and a half day intensive psychological program that aims to disconnect participants from their negative emotional programming. The people who produce the Process state that it is not therapy. Rather it is an emotionally charged process that includes psychological elements such as expressing latent anger towards one s parents. The program also includes elaborately staged, ritualistic funerals for parents and birthday celebrations for beginning a new life. Long visualizations prepare prepare participants to separate from the adoption of their parents negative traits. Parents inevitably pass on the legacy of negative love from one generation to the next, called Negative Love in their language. The Process, originally know as the Fisher-Hoffman Psychic Therapy, was created by Bob Hoffman who headed several companies that produced his work until he started the Hoffman Institute, a not-for-profit educational corporation. After Hoffman s death in 1997, the intellectual rights to his methodology in the US were bought by a company headed by Charles Raz Ingrasci who continues as President of the Hoffman Institute. The Hoffman Institute International was created in 1991 to manage the affairs of the international network of Hoffman Centers, independent groups or individual persons who present the Hoffman Quadrinity Process in 14 countries. Hoffman s original inspiration came from the Spiritualist Church. In 1967, Siegfried Fisher, a distinguished psychotherapist who had recently died, and was also Hoffman s former therapist, and perhaps acquaintance, appeared at Hoffman s bedside and became his spirit guide as he developed his psychic therapy. Later Hoffman worked with Claudio Naranjo M.D. to develop the first group process. The Process makes claims that it produces improved psychological well being and creates more ease and joy in the important relationships in one s life.


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