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Title Moon organization - Moon Front Groups (3) Religious Closely Associated Entities

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Religious Closely Associated Entities:


Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Freedom *

American Conference on Religious Movements * UC funded cult apologist organization.

Corporate address: The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

American Clergy Leadership Conference *

Assembly of Worlds Religions * 481 8th Ave., NYC 212 695 0446 A project of the         International Religious Foundation, Inc.

Barrytown College on the Hudson * 30 Seminary Drive, Barrytown, NY 12507 845-752-3000

Blessed Life Ministry * An offshoot of Lovin Life Ministries

Causa Ministerial Alliance, 1153 Bush St., San Francisco, CA

Causa Ministerial Alliance, 1120 Ave. of the Americas, NYC 10026

Chinese Evangelical Assn., 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212 714 9401

CIG Institute * Cheon Il Guk translates as the Kingdom of God - A project of the UTS Alumni Association

Council for the World's Religions * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001 This is a project of the

International Religious Foundation, Inc.

Ecumenical Foundation for Community Development * NY

Family Church of Peace * Name used by movement.

First Amendment Research Institute * Washington, D.C.

Foundation for Unification Thought and Culture, Inc. * Virginia

Global Congress of the World's Religions *

Hannam International Research Institute * Korea

Inter Religious and International Federation for World Peace *

Interdenominational Conference of Clergy, 481 8th Ave., NYC,

International Conference Center * Seoul, Korea

Interfaith Endeavor *

International Coalition Against Racial and Religious Intolerance*

International Coalition for Religious Freedom * 7245-A Hanover Parkway, Greenbelt, MD 20770

International Christian Students Association * Founded in 1981.

International Christian Unity, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001

International One World Crusade * (I.O.W.C.)

International Christian Professors Association *

International Religious Foundation, Inc. * 481 8th Ave., NY, NY

Jewish Friendship League #

Judaism: In Service to the World *

Korean Evangelical Association * 4301 Harewood Rd. NE, WDC 20017

Los Angeles Peace Family Church * Name used by the organization in Los Angeles.

Lovin Life Ministries * 311 W 34th St., New York, NY 10001

Lovin Life Ministries * 78 Demott Ave., Clifton, NJ 07011

Lovin Life Ministries * 723 South Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591

National Council for the Church and Social Action (NCCSA) *

New ERA New Ecumenical Research Association * An activity of the International Religious Foundation, Inc.

New Jerusalem Family Church * Northern New Jersey

Queens Christian Development Corporation # Queens, NY

Song Hwa Theological Seminary * Korea

Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusade

Sun Myung Moon Institute * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001

Supra-denominational Christian Association # Founded 1966

The Committee to Defend the First Amendment *

The Holy Spirit Assn for the Unification of World Christianity *

The Unification Church *

The Unification Theological Seminary Alumni Association * 10 Dock Rd., Barrytown

The Unification Theological Seminary Mid-Atlantic States Alumni Association * Incorporated in the District of Columbia.

The Unified Family

The Triad Family Church of Peace * North Carolina

The True Family Values Ministry * Project of FFWPU and HSA UWC.

True Family Values Ministry, Inc. # Jacksonville, FL

Unification Church of America * 4 W. 43rd St., NYC

Unification Church of Harlem * 116th St., NYC

Unification Church Blessed Family Dept., 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001

Unification Family Church * Name used by movement.

Unification Theological Seminary, 10 Dock Rd., Barrytown, NY

United Church Federation *

United Faith, Inc. * Portland, OR

United Federation of Churches * Founded by Moon in 2001

UN Peace Forces of the Korean War Memorial Federation * Korea

World Peace Institute * A project of the Inter Religious and International Federation for World Peace

World Scripture Project (project of IRF) *

World Youth for God, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212 695 0446

Youth Seminar on World Religions *