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Title Moon Organization - Sen. Orrin Hatch - the Moonies

Sen. Orrin Hatch & the Moonies

Recorded: July 1993

What is it?

Sen. Hatch has a “special relationship” with the Moonies. Here he is seen introducing Moon’s wife nd co-Messiah, Hak Ja Han Moon, as “my friend” in 1993 at the Dirksen Building before a gathering said include 100 congressman and Senators.

Sun Myung Moon was seated in front.

This was a stop on her journey around the world declaring that she and Moon were officially stating that she and Moon claimed to be the Second Coming, the “True Parents” of mankind.

This eventually led to the U.S creating a holiday, “Parents’ Day” – something Moon brags was passed without congress knowing what they were doing.

Detailed background report on Sen. Orrin Hatch’s involvement with the moonies