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Title Gentle Wind Project
Founder John "Tubby" Miller, Claudia Panuthos (now Mary "Moe" Miller)

Established 1980, USA According to John Miller he receives telepathic impressions from the spirit world. These impressions lead to the creation of healing instruments. They are given to those who donate, where the donations range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Gentle Wind Project was, in effect, put out of business by the Maine Attorney Generals Office in August 2006. The group claimed its products could effectively treat everything from high blood pressure to Alzheimers disease. Not true, said a consumer fraud complaint filed by the Maine Attorney Generals Office in July. The state accused GWP of violating Maines Unfair Trade Practices Act in a complaint that contends there is no objective or reliable scientific evidence that the instruments are effective. The complaint upheld on Aug. 15 2006 in York County Superior Court also accused the group of mismanagement of donations that it had collected as a charity. According to the groups most recent public tax filing, GWPs annual revenue for the budget year that ended Aug. 31, 2004, was nearly $1.2 million.


Former Cult Members' Stories of Recovery from Gentle Wind Project "Gentle Wind Project" Exposed

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Gentle Wind Project - Gentle Wind changes direction Gentle Wind Project - Gentle Wind drops lawsuit against couple This Forum is offered by ex-followers (former "instrument keepers") of the Gentle Wind Project/GWP to former and present followers and anyone interested in learning more about GWP. The purpose of the Forum is to raise public awareness about GWP, its subsequent affiliates, and cults in general.