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Title Moon Organization - Christian Call to Protest the Moon Mass Wedding Festival

Christian Call to Protest the Moon Mass Wedding Festival Protest of Rev. Moon s Wedding spectacle on Nov. 29 , 1997 to begin at 9:00 AM at R.F.K. Stadium in Washington D.C.Media from all over the world will be there , and we must show up in force ! Let s share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with those who so desperately need it! Dear brothers & sisters in Christ , The Bible calls us to be the salt & light of the world and to expose evil in the world when we see it. Such an evil is Rev. Moon s Unification Church or Moonies! On Nov. 29 , 1997 at R.F.K. stadium in Washington D.C. at 10:30 , Mr. Moon will marry 60,000 people and more than 7 million more by satellite worldwide. That is a lot of people utterly confused as to who Jesus Christ is! Why do I say that ? Because Moon says that he and his wife are the second coming of Christ . Which itself contradicts Jesus words which says: Mt:24:23: Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. Mt:24:26: Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. We are commanded not to believe ANYONE who says he is the Christ! Moon is a dangerous man who openly desires to rule the world as a dictator . His followers are made to slave for Moon around the clock so he can have the money to buy off celebrities and politicians to support his aim of world domination. Moon is a deceiver who must be exposed! Following are Moon s true and sometimes hidden beliefs: MOON IS ANTI-CHRISTIAN: Moon believes that Jesus was not born of a virgin but is the illegitimate child of Jesus mother Mary and John the Baptist s father. Moon proclaims that Jesus could not go to Heaven because He was never married , therefore Moon married Jesus Christ to an oriental woman who is a Moonie so that Jesus could go to Heaven. Moon teaches that Jesus is not God , but that Moon and his own followers can be gods . Moon says that after the Moonies take over the Christian Churches that: We will be free to teach WITHOUT the Bible. MOON IS ANTI-FAMILY: Moon proclaims a family platform publicly, but is actually anti-family in his private actions and beliefs. For instance: He says that his own children and those born of the members he has married are born without original sin. He says that his family is the only True Family of mankind, and that all people in the world must follow his family s example. What is his own family s example? Moon himself has been married three times, with children coming from each marriage . He divorced his first wife after 10 years of marriage. He had a child with another woman before divorcing his first wife. His eldest son of is most recent marriage, Hyo Jin Moon (the heir apparent) is going through a divorce, has been in jail many times and according to his wife s sworn testimony is a cocaine addict and alcoholic and physically abused his wife. Two other daughter s of Moon reportedly live separated from their spouses. Moon has in many instances required members who joined the Moonies as married couples to get divorced just so he could choose other spouses for them. Moon does not believe abortion to be a sin. There is a plethora of justifiable examples the church gives it s members where abortion is acceptable. There are reports that leaders of the Moonies have actually asked members to have abortions because they did not get permission before starting their family. He tells members that he and his wife are their True Parents and that their birth parents are merely their physical , biological parents. Members are often encouraged to have little contact with their families unless they support their involvement with the cult. MOON IS ANTI-DEMOCRACY: Moon says that both communism and democracy are failures . His vision is a world ruled by a theocracy with him as the head of it. According to a former member, he once said that when he rules America he will amend the constitution to make sex before marriage a capital offense (punishable by death!) MOON IS ANTI-EQUALITY OF THE RACES : Moon proclaims unity of the races , but is actually a racist himself! He teaches that Korea is God s chosen nation (not Israel) and that Koreans are superior to all others. He has also spoken his true feelings about Jews and s. Here are two examples: Against Jews: (MASTER SPEAKS 2/14/74) By killing one man, Jesus, the Jewish people had to suffer for 2000 years. Countless numbers of people have been slaughtered. During the Second World War, 6 million people were slaughtered to cleanse all the sins of the Jewish people from the time of Jesus. So killing Jews was justified according to Moon! Note: MASTER SPEAKS are literal translations of his Moon s speeches to members.They were published by the Unification Church for internal use only. After 1976, they started to be vigorously edited because copies were getting out of the cult and turning up in the mass media. Now the Moonies deny that Moon ever said these things, but many former members who were present at the actual speeches can verify that Moon did indeed say these things. Against African Americans: (MASTER SPEAKS 7/29/74) Father thinks about the three races; yellow, and white. Orientals can contribute in the spiritual aspect, white people can contribute in the analytic, scientific area while people can contribute in the physical area. Physical educational development of physical fitness, the area of health. That s one of the reasons Glenda Moody s project (D.C. Strider s Track club) with young people is very fantastic. From now on, two thirds of the athletes may come from people. Even basketball games have a dominant population of people. The talented area of people is in this physical aspect. So, the short cut for the people s achievement in this world is in this physical aspect. Moon is saying that s are talented physically but not intellectually! Moon often chooses the spouses of his members for them, they usually meet the person they are supposed to live with the rest of their life only days before they marry them! Moon likes to marry different races together , but never does this for his own children! He marries Japanese to Africans and Mexicans , but does not do the same for Koreans , whom he calls the chosen race. He only marries his Korean children to other Koreans! He says when he takes over the world that Korean will be the only language spoken on earth! Moon is not a man who respects other races or cultures! MOON IS ANTI-LOVE Moon controls his followers with threats. They are told that their ancestors will suffer in Hell if they leave Moon. That their children will become criminals and insane if they leave the Unification Church! Here are some of his comments: Although I fulfilled this responsibility, if you violate Heavenly Law, it is a dreadful thing that will burden tens of generations of your descendants. If any of you who understand the heart of the Principle concerning the fall decide to get married on your own anyway and have children, who can take responsibility for you breaking the standard of the Principle? Even God does not take this responsibility. Rev. Sun Myung Moon February 4, 1969 The Ideal Spouse Tokyo, Japan What is the sin that Moon says will harm 10 generations of descendants? Simply choosing your own wife and having children with her! The Blessing always involves a certain indemnity. There is no question about it, Concerning indemnity, there is no room for clemency. Therefore, the Unification Church is a fearful place. This is not a threat, but the conclusion of the Principle. If I chose to apply the same strategy by which Stalin purged his country of religion, and if I decided to curse one-third of the universe well, I have the qualifications to do so, but it is not our way (MASTER SPEAKS 2/14/74) So from this time of peak every people or every organization that goes against the Unification Church will gradually come down or drastically come down and die. Many people will die those who go against our movement. You can see how dangerous anti-Christs think ! Come and do something about it! Be a light in this world and expose Moon s darkness! For Jesus, America and the lost people who are imprisoned by Moon s lies, we ll see you in D.C.! Signed, A dedicated Christian who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible