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Title Moon Organization - Open Letter to Whitney Houston

TO: Ms. Whitney Houston Greetings from your fans in Japan. We were both very disappointed and surprised to learn that you are going to sing at the mass wedding of the Moon Church in Washington D.C.. We belonged to that group for many years. The Moon Church is not a religious group, it is a dangerous cult which ruins families. They take advantage of and exploit people solely for the benefit of Moon and his organization, using the name of Jesus Christ in a wrong way. We wonder if you realize what kind of event the mass wedding and so-called World Culture And Sports Festival which you are going to take part in is about. There are countless members who are forced to make donations to fund the event (and thereby your salary) by lying, hawking worthless items, even borrowing money to make quotas. They are made to work like robots to send over money. Many of the couples to marry don t even know they will become unwilling members of the Moon Church. Do you know what effect your participation will have? Even if you do not personally endorse Moon, the fact that you appeared at the wedding will be construed as you being a believer and members will talk within the church about the wedding where the world-famous Whitney Houston also took part in. This will merely enable Moon to buy his way to credibility.They will also take it for granted that they can use you for propaganda purposes for years to come. Their unscrupulous economic activities and recruitment measures have been a social and legal problem in Japan. The cult manipulates people to give over all their assests, to sacrifice their lives, and to never again see their families. Therefore, we respectfully ask you not to participate in the event. Your beautiful singing will be greatly misused and cause much damage despite any good intentions you may have. Please ask yourself if you really want to be associated with this hypocritical group. We sincerely hope you will take our appeal under consideration From Over One Thousand Concerned Former Members of the Moon Church of Japan