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Title Moon Organization - Moon Mass Wedding Information Sheet

Moon Mass Wedding

Information Sheet

On Saturday, November 29, 1997 controversial religious figurehead, alleged cult leader and self-proclaimed Messiah Sun Myung Moon, is to officiate over a mass wedding of some 30,000 couples at RFK stadium in Washington D.C. The RFK event is planned as part of a simultaneous worldwide wedding of 3.6 million couples via video link.

Moon is a 77-year old Korean billionaire and convicted felon who served 13 months in federal prison for income tax evasion and conspiracy in the mid-1980s. Moon owns the Washington Times newspaper, Insight magazine, The University of Bridgeport (CT) and The New Yorker Hotel. His empire was part of a 1977-78 congressional investigation which looked at Korean CIA activities in the United States.

Moon s stated ambitions include the establishment of a one-world government run as an automatic theocracy by Moon and his leaders. Moon has repeatedly said that America (and democracy) is Satanic. His vision of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth includes the absorption of all the world religions into Unificationism as well as the abolishment of all languages except Korean. Members do a ritual pledge service every Sunday morning, bowing before an altar with Moons picture on it and promising to fight for the Fatherland (Korea).

Tens of thousands of families have suffered because of the deceptive, mind control practices of the Moon organization. Members are told their their parents are Satanic and are kept, sometimes for years, from visiting their families. While the Moonies have only several thousands dedicated American members now, there are an estimated 70,000 former members in the United States alone. Many of these people are still suffering from their involvement with the cult. The Moonies are actively recruiting in Africa, South America and the former Communist countries and have an estimated 100,000 members worldwide.

The Moonies are seeking legitimacy! Whitney Houston is reportedly receiving over 1 million dollars to sing at the RFK event. Unlike past mass weddings done by Moon, the requirements for participation in the RFK event have been reduced from full committed devotion (in which Moon picks the spouses, who often wait years to consummate their wedding) to allowing anyone who wants to renew their marriage vows. The Rev. Al Sharpton recently had his vows renewed and was given the power to renew others marriage vows.

In Japan, Moon s organization has been the subject of the largest consumer fraud investigation in its history. Recent court decisions upheld a 37.6 million YEN decision to pay two women coerced into donating their assets to the Unification Church. Thousands of additional cases are expected to follow.

While Moon professes upholding high family values to others, he is a hypocrite. Moon was married in the 1950 s (& had a son) and divorced, had a child out of wedlock with another woman, and then married a 17 year old, Hak Ja Han, in 1960 and had 13 children with her. Moon s eldest son (by this wife) Hyo Jin is now undergoing a divorce. According to his wife, Nansook Moon, Hyo Jin has been physically violent and emotionally abusive. She said in an interview with WBZ-TV Boston that he has a cocaine, alcohol and pornography problem. He has also been arrested several times.

The Moon organization and their front group, “The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification” are being deceptive when they say that they are “pro-family”. They believe that all families outside of their organization is Satanic. Therefore, God does not recognize any marriages other than Moon sponsored ones.

Sun Myung Moon and his wife are considered to be “sinless” and are called the “True Parents” of humankind. He claims to be the new Christ and is fulfilling what Jesus failed to accomplish. In fact, Moon believes that until he married Jesus to a Korean church member, Jesus was unable to enter “Heaven”.

The meaning of the “blessing” is the separation of the evil descendants of “Satan s” blood lineage (caused by Eve having sex with Lucifer and then seducing Adam) from those reborn under Moon s “Heavenly” lineage.

Moon is alleged to have had sexual relations with the women of his first 36 “blessed” couples in order to purify them of their sin. One woman has publicly stated in the Japanese and Korean media and stated that Moon had ritual sex with her.

Moon mass weddings feature members being assigned spouses they do not know and often cannot even speak the same language. Part of the ceremony involves making the couple hit each other on the buttocks three times with a wooden bat. Husband and wife are separated for years- ultimately being told when they can have sex. This supposedly makes “pure” marriages.

Moon has used these arranges marriages to bypass immigration laws in order to get workers into different countries.