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Title Moon Organization - Moonies Recruit Christian Clergy for Mass Blessing

Moonies Recruit Christian Clergy for Mass Blessing This Saturday, April 27th 2002, controversial religious figurehead, alleged cult leader and self-proclaimed Messiah Sun Myung Moon is to officiate over a mass blessing of clergy couples at a ceremony in a Washington D.C hotel. The event claims to be part of a simultaneous worldwide wedding of 144,000 clergy couples via satellite link. The public thinks that the Moonies have gone away. They haven t. They have been quite busy in recent years, focusing their recruitment efforts to Christian clergy, politicians, and business people, says Steven Hassan, former Moonie, author, licensed counselor and mind control expert. They are still deceptive and quite dangerous, Hassan says, Back in 1974-1976, Moon talked about setting up a global infrastructure so that when the world economy faltered, we would be there to feed people and give them jobs. Moon s stated ambitions include the establishment of a one-world government run as an automatic theocracy by Moon and his leaders. Bush s faith-based initiative seems to be ideal to help them in their quest for a one world theocratic government, Hassan says, I am sure President Bush is not aware that Moon has repeatedly said that America (and democracy) is Satanic. Moon s vision of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth includes the absorption of all the world religions into Unificationism as well as the abolishment of all languages except Korean. Moon is an 82-year old Korean billionaire and convicted felon who served 13 months in federal prison for income tax evasion and conspiracy in the mid-1980s. Moon owns the Washington Times newspaper, U.P.I., Insight magazine, The University of Bridgeport (CT) and The New Yorker Hotel. His empire was part of a 1977-78 congressional investigation which looked at Korean CIA activities in the United States (list of front groups and gov t. report is on Tens of thousands of families have suffered because of the deceptive, mind control practices of the Moon organization. Members have been told their parents are Satanic if they question the group s validity and have been kept, sometimes for years, from visiting their families. While the Moonies have only several thousand dedicated American members now, there are an estimated 70,000 former members in the United States alone. Many of these people are still suffering from their involvement with the cult. The Moonies are actively recruiting in Africa, South America, China and the former Communist countries and have an estimated 100,000 members worldwide. While Moon professes upholding high family values to others, he is a hypocrite with major family problems of his own. His blessed eldest son, Hyo Jin (by second wife) is divorced. According to ex-wife Nansook Hong s book, In the Shadow of the Moons, Hyo Jin was physically violent, emotionally abusive, had a cocaine problem and was arrested several times. In 1999, Moon s son, Youngjin P. Moon, then 21, committed suicide by jumping out of a Reno hotel window. Sun Myung Moon and his wife are considered to be sinless and are called the True Parents of humankind. He claims to be the new Christ and is fulfilling what Jesus failed to accomplish. I am certain that Christian clergy who are planning to participate in this blessing are not aware of the real theology of Moon, says Hassan. What people have to understand is that destructive cults use deception and extensive manipulation to achieve their goals­in this case to help legitimize and mainstream Moon . Steven Hassan is a licensed mental health counselor and ex-Moonie who has been helping people leave destructive mind control cults for the last 26 years. His most recent book is Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves (Freedom of Mind Press, 2000). He is Director of the Freedom of Mind Resource Center.