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Title Moon Organization - Letter to Longtime Friend in the Moonies, from a Friend and Former Moonie

Letter to Longtime Friend in the Moonies, from a Friend and Former Moonie Posted: 11-Nov-00 Dear Aistis, Thanks for your email. It s been a long time since I ve heard from you and I m assuming you re doing fine. Where are you now? I m living in New Jersey and I m working in Manhattan. I remember the time when I took you to the hospital to have stitches on your head from the time we were playing sports at the park in Seattle. I hope your English is good enough to understand all of my letter. You can just email me back if some part seems unclear. I can just explain it differently. I read the entire letter and the response from Damian that you sent me. It seems very ridiculous to me and I think that the guy, Joe, has personal problems that most people don t. Most people who leave the UC are grateful and don t have these weird problems. Of course, Damian doesn t post all the letters he receives just the ones that make the UC look good. I don t feel at all like Joe does. And I don t think you d feel like Joe does if you ever left for a while to check out life. Since I read with an open heart the entire contents of the link you sent, please also read my entire letter with an open heart. Although it was tough, at first, to re-adjust to life outside the UC I reconnected with friends and family and enrolled at a good college. It was a bit tough or my ego to admit I d been wrong all that time but my parents never criticized me. Now I have a great relationship with my family and friends. Now I am at my parents having a nice dinner my mother prepared. My sisters and my dad are here. So is my high school friend. I am taking this time to respond to your email but currently my family is in the other room laughing because my sister has made a Number 2 (not Chapter 2) in the bathroom that has a pretty serious aroma. We also have a cute dog, Emily, who is the kind of dog called a Yellow Lab. The dog is pretty excited about the smell of the food so she s jumping around a lot and is happy because of the crowd. She loves people even the mail man. Last night about 10 of my friends and I went out to New York City. We went out to some parties and clubs and stayed out until 5 in the morning and had a really great time. For the past year I have had a very beautiful girlfriend who looks like a model. She is also one of the smartest people in my school and score the highest possible score on the college entrance exams. I am crazy about her. I would send you a .gif file (photo), but I am concerned that you might fall instantly in love so I won t. We love and care for each other very much and perhaps will get married in a couple years. Today I was caring for her (buy her some medicine, make her tea, massage her feet) because she has a cold. When I have problems she cares for me, too. She s a great cook. Love is wonderful, especially when you can choose who you love after having gotten to know them and can assess your compatibility and level of attraction. Some of my comments may seem external, but man is both internal and external. Even Moon appreciates houses, cars, and physical beauty. This past May I finished my university degree after only just 2.5 years (supposed to take 4 or 5 years) and I earned top grades and graduated with Highest Honors on my diploma. I even was specially chosen to assist professors to teach classes and the head of the writing department at my school asked me to co-author a book with him. Now I have a great job on Wall Street making a lot of money. I love what I do (writing newsletters and doing web development for a top-notch company the company pays for my training when I want to upgrade my skills) and I work with wonderful people. There s a lot of CIS people at my company, by the way. Every morning I pray in the church at the top of Wall Street. Sometimes I choose to pray on the pier because I like to see the bridges and the helicopters landing and the ferry boats coming in. I also pray at night after work. Sometimes at lunch, too, if I feel I need a boost from God. If I am in a rush, or don t have time, God understands and is there to meet me as soon as I am able. To be sure, though, I do not pray to the God of the Unification Church and my concept of religion has nothing to do with Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his minions. All I can say is, Thank God I have been rescued from this group. I feel embarrassed about my affiliation with the UC and wished I never met the people who recruited me on the streets in New York. People cannot believe such a smart guy joined. Of course, they don t understand the sophisticated techniques. There are lots of books about the methods. Many different groups use similar methods to convert people into different groups and religions. Of course, in the UC we don t learn about this�we don t have time�and besides, it s evil to think of anything that s against the church. Many groups have similar techniques to control their members/prisoners. The mind can be vulnerable. Every day I try to erase the bizarre behaviors I picked up in the UC such as speaking in a fast, choppy way, being not totally honest all the time, and being a bit anxious since there s so much pressure on results and suppressing the personality and true feelings in the UC. Also, I think that it s a shame that the UC nurtures a type of arrogance in people. They teach that we are here because we a chosen and special. People who leave or who didn t join are inferior or ignorant. If only I knew how misled I had been when I was tricked into getting involved�(My recruiters completely Lied to me for weeks, claiming to have The Truth. �how ridiculous..) I left the Unification Organization not out of weakness, but out of strength and my desire to do the right thing. I was doing volunteer work even before I joined the UC. For several reasons I found the UC to be an immoral place to be. For example, upon conducting some unbiased research (have you ever conducted independent research upon the organization you devote your life to and attempt to induce others to join??? That s the responsible thing to do.) I discovered that Moon has had political ties to fascists such as Roichi Sasakawa and mafia members such as Kodama. Also, it s only after much conditioning that people can come to accept that the Messiah owns a machine gun factory. What does this have to do with families and true love. I thought the messiah is supposed to unite all people in love, not provide the means to murder them. I also spent a lot of time as the central figure for children of Korean leaders. They were very immoral most of them lied very naturally, many drank alcohol, did drugs, had sex. The blessing is spiritually impotent and didn t make the children any different than normal children. In many cases even worse. What good is the blessing then??? It s just a lot of talk and no substance. The only value is that it got us a break from fundraising for a week! I also discovered some business fraud in a church company where I was working when I was the central figure of the CARP house in Seattle. I was shocked but the church was truly cheating people. I was also shocked that so many great people were leaving the UC and never coming back. Of course the pathetic leaders would talk bad about the people who left and try to say they were weak or sinful, but I know a lot of people much better than me left the group and I wondered why. Is it really true that Moon spit in the face of James Baughman. That s gross and unnecessary. Dr. Baughman left because of this I hear. Of course, Hyo Jin was another issue. He s beating his wife and Moon is quoted as saying, Sometimes it s good to beat your wife. Is this a part of the ideal family? Aistis, do you really agree with everything Moon says? Moon is one of a series of many, many crazy leaders that have charm over people. He is no different than the many sick people in the past that have been equally successful. Even today, there are many warped people around the world who are also misleading people. Have you read Nan Sook s book? Hyo Jin is doing drugs, hiring prostitutes, watching pornographic movies� This is one of the nearest genetic matches of the so-called messiah. Why does Moon have Hyo Jin give morning service at Belvedere? Why should sincere members have to put up with such a garbage spirit. It s not fare to the members. I don t think Moon really respects the members if he does such things. Why are we encouraged to listen to the music of porno-man??? I ve met Nan Sook and she s really an amazing person to be strong enough to stand up against such a criminal to do what s right and to protect her family from an abusive father. Actually he s not much of a father. I wonder who is his example� Aistis, how can you not be full of shame to be supporting a group that is destroying people, working with fascists and the mafia, and hurting the people who love us and who we love or at least who we loved until the group of True Love trained us not to love them any more� It doesn t make sense. It s amazing how the poor explanations of leaders have kept us quiet� Once I really thought about it not until my central figure was out of state and I wasn t constantly worried about results, results, results I realized that I had been tricked. It was horrible joke, but I had been fooled. I realized how great people outside the UC were. Although people aren t always doing good things, I realized that when they do good things it is more authentic not because they were forced by their central figures out of guilt and fear, but because they did good things truly from their heart based on their own will. I realized that there were many different religions and groups that are called cults that have different doctrines. I believe that if we had not the Principle, but some other religious book with completely different ideas that we could convert people to those ideas, too, using the same influence methods. The way we convince people of the Principle is very strong. What I mean is, it s not the power of the doctrine, but it s the power of the persuasion techniques that changes people. It s nothing spiritual. The reason that society is so against the church is that the church is taking people away from parents. It s nothing spiritual. Even a momma duck will be angry if someone tries to harm the baby duck we learn this in workshops. Time has proven that Moon has nothing good to offer society that s why he has to go to other countries after one rejects him. This is very, very serious if Moon is a fraud and not really the messiah. I was very sad, at first, when I realized. But I didn t want to be a mental prisoner anymore. And I still had the strength to stand up for what I realized to be right when I left. I am proud of this. The UC, and NO FORCE IN THE WORLD, has the power to destroy my spirit! Well, I won t bore you with the many other reasons I decided to leave the UC, but I think you get the picture. The UC is a deceptive organization that exploits people until they figure out what s going on and they leave if they still have any strength or anything to go back to, or if their spirit hasn t been so beaten that they feel they have any value or deserve happiness. The movement is a parasite on the human soul and it enslaves people. It is very sad that such a group exists. Things that are so obvious (such as that a messiah wouldn t commit adultery and impregnate his maid especially when this action contradicts his theory on original sin!) become so cloudy when people don t have time to think or are programmed to think that rational thinking is really a satanic invasion so then they avoid to see the truth. The mind can be very vulnerable at times. Hitler has proven this, Mao Tse Tung has proven this, Jim Jones has proven this. Many others, including Moon, and other leaders of controlling organizations big and small have proven this. It s nothing to be proud of. The church is very bizarre. I am against divorce, but don t you think that the pain an entire family suffers when a child disappears into a cult is much worse than the pain of a divorce?? In fact, in many cases, especially when there are no children, the divorce comes as a relief. Also, to make a clarification, the UC is allowing people to go to the wedding with less conditions and no membership in the UC not because of the foundations of past sacrifices but because Moon is desperate. People are wising up and realizing the UC is a mind-trap. People are not joining the church like they used to. There is too much education to protect people (though still, unfortunately not enough�) Moon is giving away free blessings because he wants numbers to speak of. It s because he has no more power over people so he just has to give it away. The church is decreasing and I m glad I jumped the ship before it sank. I am glad that I joined, though, because I made some friends from the UC (but I still stayed too long). I still keep in touch with many people who left the UC that I knew there, and I tell you, we ve had some great times. I have kept in touch with many people throughout Europe and other places and have spent weeks touring and visiting with them. Last year I toured 7 cities throughout Germany with 3 different former Moonies. I never had to pay a night in a hotel because I stayed with my old CARP friends. It s great to have such connections around the world!! Recently I spent a couple weeks in Germany (my second time visiting there to see my former moonie friends). A couple months ago Harry (Did you know him? He spent some time in Russia) came to visit with me and I took him all around New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. I am helping him to move here within the next couple of years. He is getting married in May to a wonderful girl who already has her PhD� Aistis, I appreciate your concern for me and your wanting to help me through sending the letter. I have concern for you and want to help you, too. If you ever think that the UC is not the ideal world it talks about being then please let me know and I can help. Although I can t promise it will be easy to make the transition or that you ll never have a worry I can assure you it will be worth it to be the captain of your ship and the one in control of your mind and to do good things based on your own will, not because someone commands you. Be a real man. You don t have to hurt people or be a menace to society any more. Your Friend Always, John