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Title Moon Organization - Send them Home!

Send them Home! A recent Washington Post article (11/97) discussed transition in the Unification Church, possibly its dissolution. As a parent of a church member, I ask the church leadership to do the right thing at this time and return our family members to their real homes. Our children have endured years of neglect as they followed this failed messiah. Now it is time to give them their lives back. The church spends their millions and millions of dollars trying to buy influence in the world s capitols but not on their own people. The so called true father treats them as his orphans when he tells his followers, who have given themselves totally to his cause, to go out to the streets and hustle for the funds to feed and clothe themselves. His missionaries toil long days in unsafe cities, travel in unsafe vans eschewing their personal safety and health concerns. How often do they see a medical doctor or a dentist? How many family events have they missed? Many other mothers and fathers, as well as my spouse and I, have passed sleepless nights wondering where our children are? Two o clock in the morning, could they be in a bar hawking wind chimes or could they be driving along a ice-covered highway singing to keep themselves from falling asleep at the wheel? We realize that the world is full of many dangers that our offspring may encounter, but the parents of Moon s workers are denied even the most fundamental contact with their children, much less even knowledge of their condition. We fear that the organization in charge of their lives treats them in the most cavalier and even callous manner. I look up at the stars and say a silent prayer to heaven as I wonder is my child safe, healthy, warm, or in the bottom of a ditch somewhere in this country or possibly another continent ? If the phone rang at one o clock in the morning, was it the lost soul somewhere on a dark road stealing a forbidden phone call home or the authorities to give us a grim report? Let our children go: go back to their families-who miss them terribly, go back to their education, careers, dreams. I want their grandparents to enjoy them for the precious few moments left. Their siblings to catch up on all those lost years of no communication. The new family members to get to know their absent aunt, uncle, sister-in-law, cousins. There is a big hole in our hearts. We want to say this Thursday, Thanksgiving Day the traditional extended-family day, with all the chairs around the table filled, as we join our hands in prayer, Thank you, God, for all you have given us, and given back to us . It would be a joy to make up for all the years when not even the telephone rang. Signed, A family that wants their loved one free from the Moon group.