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Title Moon Organization - Former Member joined Moonies in France

Testimonial In April 17, 1997, I dragged myself in an emergency room in Southington, Connecticut where I lived at the time. It was 3 a.m. at night. I had a severe depression and was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. I had been a moonie for already 23 years. I joined the cult in France (my native country) at age 19. Today I am slowly recovering. In 1997, I spent 2 weeks in a hospital, leaving my husband (I was matched to by S.M.Moon and blessed at Madison Square Garden in 1982: [deleted], an extremely controlling person and AFC leader in Moon s cult, now a public school teacher), as well as my 4 children age now 12-10-9 and 7 years old. Since 1995-96, I started having doubts about the Rev. Moon s contradiction between his words and what was really happening. I started developing a total disinterest in life itself, praying God to take my life. When I was in the hospital, I begin receiving harassment from the only people I knew in this country, the moonies . Even my 2 sisters who are also in that cult called me over and over again. I didn t know anyone so I stayed with an associate cult member who actually ended up being one of the most controlling people, especially because she knew I was trying to make my way out. I went to therapy with the Institute of Living in Hartford, CT for one year and half. Little by little, I finally got myself a job, and a place. Today I am finally free from the cult, I have a good job at Trinity College, I have my own apartment, divorced using a pro-bono lawyer, got shared custody of my children, who are still living with their father. I have them every other weekend. I recently joined a Catholic church and started connecting with people a little. I have been very much on my own for the last two years. It is sometimes unbearable I just still suffer inside because more than half my life I was a totally dedicated moonie sincerely believing I was working for the Messiah. I think it would help to connect myself to your organization. I want to share my life with others, it is one way to heal.