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Title Moon Organization - Harth - I Served Three Jobs While a Moonie

I Served Three Jobs While a Moonie

I joined Rev. Sun Myung Moon s Unification Church, in 1975 and stayed until 1982, with one time of leaving and coming back.

I served basically 3 jobs, while a Moonie . My first main job, and longest stint, was on the Green Berets of Mobile Fundraising Teams. It was on Fathers Special Task Force. We fundraised for special projects and special housing for Sun Myung Moon. On the MFT I experienced horrendous physical, verbal, emotional, and spiritual abuse. My MFT Captain, Mr. Tsijumura beat me, while in Florida. I was slapped and slugged by my Captain Joe Smith , while fundraising in a wheel chair in Georgia. All the members of the GEORGIA MFT ostracized me, when I wanted to seek medical help for the spinal and neurological damage caused by my time on the MFT. I wanted to no longer fundraise in a wheelchair and that was going against the direct orders of Mr. Tsijumura, had been promoted to Commander of the Georgia area. Thus he saw to it that I was the scourge of that MFT area.

My second job was Director of Transportation for the Manhattan Center on 4 West 43rd St. NYC, NY. 10036.

My third main job was personal driver for Rev. Sudo, and Mr. Sawada out of the Manhattan Center. This is where I drove to Sun Myung Moons house in Tarrytown, NY. I drove many leaders around and heard many conversations about many subjects. This is also where I learned that the UC has no concept or idea about recovery from alcohol addiction. I am an alcoholic since prior to joining the Unification Church. In a French Restaurant, while dining with Mr. Sawada and his brother, Mr. Sawada offered me my first drink which I argued that I did not want. His explanation was that the Divine Principle and Rev. Moon would save me from any alcoholic tendencies I have had in the past. I had not had a drink in almost 5 years. Since he was my Central Figure, my Able and I am Cain, I succumbed to his wishes only to learn Alcoholics Anonymous truth in the saying, One is too many and a thousand is never enough.

My first short story on these experiences is on the web site listed under testimonies.

Danny Harth