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Title Foundation of Human Understanding
Founder Roy Masters

Alternate names: Advice Line (radio program) An Account From a Former Member: Roy Masters (born Reuben Obermeister) founded the FHU (Foundation of Human Understanding) in 1961. After seeing a stage hypnosis demonstration when he was a teenager he developed a fascination with the mysterious power of hypnosis and wondered if there was a way to use it to help people. A quote from his Hypnotic States of Americans: Inspired by the idea of harnessing this baffling force for good, he later pursued the art of hypnotism and established a successful hypnotherapy practice. He was unable to continue in that practice without a professional license, so he founded the Foundation of Human Understanding in 1961 upon the realization that life itself is hypnosis and the solution is to be DE-hypnotized from undue influences and pressures that cause us to over-react to stress. He began teaching a meditation exercise and started a call-in radio talk show called How Your Mind Can Keep You Well he later changed the name of the program to Advice Line. In 1982 he moved the headquarters of the FHU from Los Angeles, CA, to Selma, Oregon, near Grants Pass, and invited his followers to follow him there and more out of the big cities before the ultimate collapse and downfall of society. Approximately 2000 of his followers moved to Grants Pass in 1982. After a legal battle he successfully obtained tax-exempt status claiming that his organization is a church. Masters states that his teachings are Judeo-Christian in nature and claims to have a deeper understanding of the Bible than what most churches teach. He offers books, audio and video recordings, a web site, church services, and meetings. The objective of his teachings and meditation practice is to bring people to their own inner understanding of truth and to overcome and transcend our evil sin nature that responds hypnotically to the pressures and stresses of life. Masters prefers to call it an observation exercise rather than meditation as there is a razors edge that separates hypnosis from true meditation. Many people testify that the practice has helped them deal with life better, many others just like to tune in to Advice Line for the entertainment value. Theres another category of followers of Roy, the category I fell into in 1981: the sincere seeker who believes that Roy has a very special message for the world, that hes a modern-day prophet not unlike Elijah from the Bible. Masters has referred to himself as the only person besides Jesus Christ who has this special knowledge and understanding that was not passed on in the canonization of the Bible. The meditation he teaches contains very simple instructions and seems quite harmless from the outset. My experience in practicing it for 6 years, and the experiences shared with me by others including my own brother, have proven to be detrimental rather than beneficial. Many of us experienced loss of control of our critical thinking processes and a trance-like effect from the meditation. People who follow Masters teachings are instructed to withdraw all emotional involvement with absolutely everything in their lives: family, friends, work, eating, drinking, recreational activities � because any involvement with anything whatsoever is a sin that can lead to death and hell. Having any kind of self-image is discouraged. According to Masters, pleasure causes a hypnotic state; do not enjoy food, or entertainment, or music, or any other recreational activity. Do not engage in anything of a sensual nature or you are reinforcing the original sin of escaping from reality. Sleep is the enemy of consciousness therefore be careful not to sleep too deeply. The objective of the meditation exercise is to reach a heightened state of consciousness in which there is no emotion, no feeling, no sensuality, no reaction or response to any outside stimuli, no thought, no decision-making. Making decisions is the prerogative of God alone, instead you are to meditate and become objective so that the right thing to do will be revealed in the light of your heightened consciousness. You are to scan your thoughts continually and you will live unto God. You must constantly monitor your thoughts and responses to everything. Affection is discouraged and one must never become too close to others, including married couples. The world Roy Masters paints to his followers is black and white. Life exerts a hypnotic pressure on us and forces us into a realm in which we are either a psychopath or a psychotic. Ambitious success-driven people are the psychopaths who live off the downfall of others and psychotics are their hapless victims. There is no escape from the vicious cycle without becoming objective through the meditation exercise. The Christian world is replete with phony ministers and psychopathic priestcraft offering false faith in a false god and their traditions and rituals are compared with incantations of witch doctors. Priests and pastors are suspect and if one is not careful he may pick up a false holy spirit from them. The entire world is stark raving mad, a deep dark concentration camp of bullies and cowards from which few ever find liberation. Truth is something that cannot be obtained by seeking outside yourself�.one is to be introspective and single-purpose in seeking this truth, in fact one is to love Truth to the exclusion of EVERYTHING ELSE. Meditation should be practiced at least twice daily, or more often if needed to reinforce the �objective state that one should exist in. The difference between a meditative state and a hypnotic state is never really explained to the practitioner who is warned that one can become the other�.in other words you can flip back and forth between meditation and hypnosis, never really knowing what the difference is. Roy frightens people into believing that they are possessed of evil spirits it is the serpent in you recoiling he says, if you feel upset with what hes saying. He warns that if you resent him for telling you the truth about your rotten self, you will bring a curse upon yourself, because you are actually hating the truth within. He compares himself with Jesus Christ, using quotes that Jesus did such as My words they are spirit and they are life. Theres a devil behind every motive, every action, every situation, and unless you know how to deal with life properly you will likewise perish in your sins. Life following Roys teachings becomes a fearful, cheerless, no-man¹s land of paranoia and self-denial. Salvation, according to Roy Masters, is realization of what a hopelessly wicked and evil person you are, and repenting of this evil. Original sin is a theme present throughout all of Masters teachings and can be defined as the fall from grace that happens when anything appeals to your ego and causes you to escape from reality into thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Feeling good about yourself is the ultimate sin, as it is the ego playing God and attempting to realize itself as God. Sex is a shameful practice, it is the outcropping of mans failure, at all costs make sure that the need for sex is overcome otherwise you are nothing more than an animal. Roys teachings manipulate peoples guilt. His emphasis on resentments and unruly emotions intensify peoples guilt feelings and provoke a desperate state of mind in which the only solution is follow Roys teachings closely and commit to the meditation practice wholeheartedly. You will earn a badge of honor for losing friends, your marriage, or your job if you stand your ground and do what is right, which amounts to going against everything youve ever been taught in the past. You must turn your back on everyone and everything, and the only thing that will save you from the hellish existence everyone is living in is your love for �truth¹. Not living in the �objective state results in debilitating diseases, emotional breakdown, psychosis, demon possession, and finally a willing embrace of death because your life is nothing but a miserable existence from which you are desperate for release. A Review of Hypnotic States of Americans By a Former Member: This book starts out with Roy Masters proclaiming that Were the contents of this book to be distributed and understood throughout the world, the silent and broken majority might rise above the territorial tyrannies of the minority and live freeunaffected by authoritarian pressures. Page 13. Let the reader be aware that Masters places his writings on a very high pedestal. To me this book was very cumbersome to read because of the continual recitation over and over of the same theme, as if by sheer repetition Masters can induce a hypnotic state in the reader in which he finds himself agreeing with the author. Either that or Masters considers his readers to be rather stupid. In short, the theme of the book is that life exerts a hypnotic force through our reactions to it and forces upon us a realm in which we are merely one or the other: a psychopath or a psychotic. Ambitious and success-driven people are the psychopaths and basically everyone else are their psychotic victims. Any emotional reaction to anything creates and keeps us in a psychotic state. Again and again the theme is repeated throughout the book while Roy reiterates his forensic analysis of the politics of hypnosis and how it effects the microcosm of our lives and the macrocosm of the world itself. Masters delivers a roundhouse punch to culture (culture is civilization turned upside down), ambitious people (budding psychopaths), emotion (the breath of life to the evolving fallen nature ), religion (Rituals and traditions, devised by psychopathic priest craft are the equivalent of the incantations of witch doctors in primitive tribes , peoples that on the previous page he describes as decadent, despicable, degenerate maniacs. ), and sex (At best, sex represents death becoming new life). Anyone who does not consider himself Christian or religious in any way may be offended by Masters assertion that the only people he has found who could be cured permanently of their problems were believing Christians and Jews who were open-minded and willing to accept Christ as Redeemer. That cuts out 2/3 of the worlds population right there. Probably the most interesting revelation in this book regarding Masters meditation practice is found on Page 24 in which he states that �.a razors edge separates hypnosis from true meditation and that Each can become the other. This came as a surprise to me because it is such a departure from his classic teachings. Masters used to declare that his meditation was the exact and complete opposite of hypnosis, that it is in fact diametrically opposed to inducing a hypnotic state. Here he reveals how very easy it is to just toggle back and forth between hypnosis and true meditation as he calls it. This brings up the question��whats the difference then? How does one know if they are meditating or just being hypnotized by a clever teacher who is well-versed in hypnotic technique? Masters goes on to say that concentration on anything causes a hypnotic state and observation causes a meditative state; apparently the difference between hypnosis and Masters meditation is whether you are concentrating or observing as you practice it. It comes down to Masters nimble use of language, a verbal smokescreen obscuring the fact that his meditation practice is a poorly disguised hypnotic programming tool which looks completely innocent to the unsuspecting public. I would definitely not recommend this book to anyone other than fans of Roy Masters and those who just like to collect books by him. Mostly this book is a recycling of Masters basic teachings. He takes quite a few passages from previous books hes written and they appear here word for word. Nothing wrong with that, but if you are familiar with Roys teachings and publications there is nothing much to be gained from reading this book. Its really nothing new other than hes taking it all to a global scale, hence the proclamation in the beginning about how his teachings could change the world.


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