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Title North Korea / Kim Jong-un

News From KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY of DPRK(Democratic People's Republic of Korea)

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-il dead, state TV reports Kim Jong-il Dies North Korean leader Kim Jong-il dies Kim Jong-un poised to extend his family's dynasty North Korea mourns dead leader, son hailed as "Great Successor" Inside North Korea: Cult Of The Kim Family McCain says the world is better off without Kim Jong-il Cult of Kim Jong-il s third son begins in North Korea Kim Jong-un dubbed "supreme leader" of military Delving into North Korea's mystical cult of personality How genuine are the tears in North Korea?? Kim Jong-il's funeral was a lesson in epic film-making North Korea vows to defend Kim Jong Un unto death in annual New Year s message North Korea promises prosperity, demands loyalty to new leader North Korea Is Sending Anyone Who Didn't Mourn For Kim Jong-II To A Labor-Training Camp Incredible Pictures From The Funeral Of Kim Jong-Il! Kim Jong-il grieved by songbird that expressed condolences and plant that bloomed in token of mourning The Bush Administration s Secret Link to North Korea Kim Jong (the) Un Dead North Korea rocket launch condemned internationally