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Title Sahaja Yoga aka Vishwa Nirmala Dharma - Testimonial supportive of Sahaja Yoga,

Sahaja Yoga aka Vishwa Nirmala Dharma - Testimonial supportive of Sahaja Yoga, from current member The Freedom of Mind Resource Center received this email from a person who says they re a longtime member of Sahaja Yoga, and are still involved. In the interests of presenting a balanced view, we are publishing their email in its entirety, except for their full name. (We ve gotten permission from the email s author to do so.) If anyone wishes to respond to this person, they may do so by emailing to the Freedom of Mind Resource Center, and we ll happily pass their email on to the author of the below testimonial. Email from current SY member received by Freedom of Mind on August 14, 2000 Hi Just read your page on Sahaja Yoga. I ve been in since 1983 and have practised SY in England, India and Australia. I d just like to say that SY is for ever evolving so the many ridiculous actions of the big leaders of the 1980s do not happen now (not to my knowledge anyway.) Secondly, SY evolves in different ways in different countries which is something Judith Coney in her PhD thesis/book on SY in England failed to understand. I am not brainwashed, and still retain my critical faculties (having been awarded two Masters degrees at a major Australian university in the 1990s), nor do I accept everything said in the name of SY. For me, there has to be a reason for any SY practise I engage in mantras, footsoaking, whatever in the end my constant question to myself is: does this way of life make me a better person, do I benefit? So far, the answer has been yes. In the end it is down to personal choice. Personally I feel it is unfair that the actions of the minority in the 1980s in certain countries, should still be visited on everyone else in the year 2000. John Melbourne, Australia PS. Beware selective quoting from Shri Mataji s book, or indeed any book. You just make yourself look foolish to those who have read the book in its entirety.