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Title The Twelve Tribes - Letter to the Boston Globe editor

The Twelve Tribes - Letter to the Boston Globe editor by Mike Reichmann, father of a former Twelve Tribes member In response to a column by Brian McGrory on restaurant Common Ground. The restaurant is connected with The Twelve Tribes 20-Nov-2001 Dear Boston Globe Editor, (This concerns the recent column by Mr. McGrory which is a tongue in cheek look at the Twelve Tribes restaurant- Common Ground.) You ain t kidding! The dessert course in that joint would have spelled the end of you, but then, had you indulged, the tone of your little ditty would have reflected the truth and seriousness behind that Twelve Tribes joint. What are you, the culinary editor for the Boston Globe??? What s your point? I wouldn t lose any sleep about missing that dessert because I can tell you first hand, as the father of a former cult member or more appropriately, one of their victims , that the turkey and muffins back home in Bellows Falls one of those thirty some odd compounds isn t anything like what you had at the Common Ground, unless of course, you happen to be fortunate enough to be invited to one of the many homes that Spriggs owns. Someday, hopefully, your appetite will improve to the point that you return to the Common Ground; feed upon the real substance and truth behind their purpose and motives and try to digest some of the mental anguish suffered by families who have loved ones victimized by the prophetic falsehoods of Mr. Spriggs and his Lieutenants, or the hidden sufferings of the children born into the Twelve Tribes, or of those many ex-members who have left and are desperately struggling (with little to no understanding or support from the outside ) to re-instate themselves into the normalcy of our world. Have another bite and nourish your resolve to take on the issues of cultism in America; strengthen your investigative talents and commitment that your editorial privilege affords, and GROW into a real newsworthy reporter. Cultism in the United States is an epidemic. It s not voluntary; it s not truthful; it s not God. It is very much misunderstood. Unfortunately, like many in the judicial, social welfare and religious branches of our society, you let your stomach get in the way. Mike Reichmann