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Title Siddha Yoga - Siddha Yoga, Former Member Statement

Siddha Yoga - Siddha Yoga, Former Member Statement My name is Daniel Shaw. I was in SYDA (Siddha Yoga Muktananda, Gurumayi) for more about 12 years. I made a complete exit in October 1994, and have been an activist in speaking out about abuse and corruption in this group since that time. Since leaving the cult, I have obtained a master s degree in social work, and am currently a candidate in a psychoanalytic institute. I work as a psychotherapist in private practice in New York City. I have spoken publicly about SYDA in connection with events coordinated by Arnie Marcowitz of the Cult Clinic in New York City. SYDA is a soft core cult with a good deal of money and power. Gurumayi controls the lives and pocket books of thousands of people, who defend and protect her by lying about and hiding the corrupt history of SYDA. The short list of abuses: sexual abuse of young teenage women and adult women smuggling, money laundering, financial fraud isolating and alienating members from family and friends use of physical violence and psychological intimidation to control members use of dummy charity projects to collect vast funds that sit in tax shelters and are used to support Gurumayi s fabulous lifestyle lies about the celibacy of the gurus There is an onoing discussion on America Online regarding the SYDA in the Ethics Message Boards in the Siddha Yoga folders. There is also a Leaving Siddha Yoga website at And I can be reached by mailing to