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Title Rama - Long Island Guru's Death Under Investigation

Rama - Long Island Guru's Death Under Investigation New York Times Wednesday, April 15, 1998 ARDEN CITY, N.Y. - So far, Dr. Frederick P. Lenz's death is proving as mysterious as his life. The body of Lenz, a New Age spiritual guru turned author and computer programmer, was found Monday morning by police divers in a cove behind his estate in the village of Old Field, on Long Island. Lenz, 48, apparently fell from a floating boat ramp and drowned, the police said. As of late Tuesday, the circumstances and cause of Lenz's death remained under investigation, and foul play had not been ruled out, the Suffolk County Medical Examiner's Office said. The preliminary results of an autopsy were "undergoing further study" before being released, the examiner's office said.

It appears that at the time of his death he had no active, organized group of followers on Long Island or in California. Suffolk County Police chief of homicide squad, Det. Lt. John Gierasch said that during a routine patrol about 12:30 a.m. Monday, Sgt. Robert Bell of the Old Field Police Department noticed that outside lights were on at the $4 million Lenz estate, at 183 Old Field Road. Gierasch said that Bell thought this was unusual, went to investigate and found the front door of the house unlocked. Bell then found the caretaker on the premises, and entered the house. They encountered a 37-year-old woman who Gierasch said was incoherent. The woman, whom the police declined to identify, was taken to a hospital, where she was held overnight for observation.