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Title Rama - For Yuppie Guru, Rama Lenz Death by Drowning

Rama - For Yuppie Guru, Rama Lenz Death by Drowning The Three Village Herald June 24, 1998 Two months and six days after his death, the Suffolk County Police Department has released a cause of death for Frederick Lenz, aka Rama Lenz, the yuppie guru. According to the Suffolk County Medical Examiners office, the 48-year-old rama s death was a suicide by drowning with drugs a contributing factor. The Herald had learned, but could not confirm with detective lieutenant John Gierasch of the homicide squad, that a former security man for the rama has told law enforcement officials the rama was depressed because of lawsuits, brought by the families of cult followers lawsuits which he felt would drag on for years. Some followers believed the rama was suffering from liver disease but the autopsy found no evidence of that, or of any other disease.