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Title Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God - Millennium Tragedy in Uganda

Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God - Millennium Tragedy in Uganda The turn of the Millennium on January 1 was apparently not without cult violence as hundreds of bodies continue to be found in Uganda. This morning, the New York Times now reports that more than 924 people have died because of their involvement with the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God. This number surpasses the number of people killed at Jonestown, Guyana on November 18th 1978 at the hands of Jim Jones. Apparently, many people were killed after the false prophecy of the world ending failed to materialize. Credonia Mwerinde, a former prostitute, was apparently the real leader of the group (called The Programmer), and she successfully recruited a number of respected individuals like Joseph Kibwetere into her cult. Claims that the Virgin Mary spoke to Mwerinde provided a powerful impetus to motivate devout Catholics and others to give up their free will and obey the leadership. The cult used many well-established mind control techniques to recruit and indoctrinate followers. Unfortunately, Catholic Church officials who were aware of the cult did not know how to help those who were enslaved and chose to excommunicate them. It was reported that Ugandan Archbishop Paul Bakyenga of Mabarara told Roman Catholics not to feel guilty over the Kanungu doomsday cult murder. Furthermore, he said There is a lesson to learn. What is the Lord telling us? Any form of religion that breaks people away from the Church cannot be Godly, he said. Naturally, my hope is that this tragedy will be another wake up call to the public that we all can and should help those involved in mind control cults. Isolating them, giving them ultimatums just abandons them to the mind controllers. We have a responsibility to educate ourselves and educate others. I have written Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves for this purpose. The book should be available at bookstores in the coming week or two. I have added an extensive list of all the contents of the book at, and we have a new banner for the book as well. To keep up to date on the Uganda tragedy, I have been going to Just select Uganda and you can scroll through many different articles. Also, I recommend subscribing to the free Religion News report, compiled by Anton Hein. Apologetics Index ============================================================= = About Religion News Report = - These items are provided as information only. Unless otherwise indicated, no endorsements are intended. - If a URL breaks up, undo word-wrap. - Due to copyright considerations, only excerpts are quoted. For full story, see the URL provided. - Some of these links stay up for only a day or two. I therefore keep the full items on file. Should you not be able to find them online, email Each request should include Issue and Item numbers (e.g. Issue 185, Items 5, 8, 9). - These items are provided for personal use and educational research purposes only, under the fair use concept as noted in copyright laws. Copyright for each item remains with the original copyright holder. - If you do not have WWW access, you can retrieve the text of Web pages by email using Leadership University s EDoc service. For instructions, email with in the body of the message one word: help - Religion News Report is provided as a service to the AR-talk apologetics resource discussion list, where it is always posted first. For information about AR-talk, see, or send subscribe AR-talk to without quotes. - Limited forwarding and reposting of Religion News Report is permitted only with this unedited footer attached. I also want to invite you to visit our archive of our ongoing bulletin board at Just click on view messages. If you wish to sign up and post, please do! Steve Hassan