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Title Gentle Wind Project - Gentle Wind changes direction

Gentle Wind Project - Gentle Wind changes direction February 25th, 2007 - [...] Last summer Gentle Wind was effectively shut downat least in its home stateby Maines attorney general. As part of the consent decree, the cults founders were forbidden from making false claims about its so-called healing instrumentsclaims that even the Millers admitted were totally false: [T]he directors of the Gentle Wind Project admitted that they made false claims about their products, which they said could cure anything from alcoholism to paralysis. They admitted making false claims on their Web site, at public appearances and in written literature that the instruments had been scientifically proven to be effective. Gentle Wind also dropped a lawsuit against the Bergins, and agreed to reimburse them for the donations they had made to the cult over the years. In fact Gentle Wind has lost every one of the (many) lawsuits it brought against its (many) critics. So has Gentle Wind been blown away? Not exactly. In the wake of the Maine lawsuit, the cult vowed to continue its efforts in the 49 other states, and also around the world. It immediately set up a new Web site, with an alleged physical address in Sparks, Nevada, that repeated at least some of the false claims forbidden by Maines AG. The site, however, also claimed that Gentle Wind had morphed into an all new, all volunteer organization. We are not a non-profit nor are we a profit making company. We do not accept donations or payment in any form. We are a group of people who want to make the world a better, easier place. Turns out this was a feint. Gentle Wind has in reality been reincarnated as the Family Systems Research Group (FSRG), whose motto is Engineering for the Human Spirit. FSRG claims to be: a research and consultation company that offers services and products aimed at aligning and balancing the human consciousness. For more than 25 years, FSRG staff have studied the human consciousness from an energetic perspective. We have sought to develop energetic solutions to emotional imbalances utilizing many of the principles found in Tibetan medicine including the concept of the meridian system, basic to acupuncture and acupressure. FSRG offers both individual consultation services and alignment instruments. [...] In its brochure, FSRG is brazenly forthcoming about its links to Gentle Wind: If you are familiar with The Gentle Wind Project technology, you may know that GWP technology was designed to work on the damaging effects of the hurts and wounds on the energetic structure. The structure is the context in which the energy patterns are held. The idea behind the technology is that if the damaged structure can be repaired, the persons system can be restored to balance. For a large number of people, The Gentle Wind technology has proven to be successful. The work of Family Systems Research Group picks up where the GWP technology leaves off. While the Gentle Wind technology works on the structure, the context in which energy patterns are held, Family Systems is working on both the context and the content of the energy patterns. FSRG also notes that a portion of each fee goes directly to the work of The Gentle Wind Project, and claims to donate its trauma technology to everyone from cancer patients to Tsunami survivors. All the cash, however, goes straight into the Millers pockets research. This is a summary extract from the full article as it appeared on Disinterested Pary, Feb 22, 2007 Full Article