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Title Dahn Yoga - Dahn World, Dahn Hak, Tao Fellowship

Affiliated Organizations/Front Groups: Roots to Wings CGI Holistic Fitness HealingPlaza Body & Brain Magazine Body & Brain Body & Brain Holistic Fitness

Founder Ilchi Lee a.k.a. Grand Master Seung Heun Lee, Sung Hun Lee

Alternate name(s): - Dahnhak - Dahn Center - Holistic Fitness Center - Dahn Tao Institute - Healing Society - Sedona Dahn Retreat - Tai Chi Yoga Health Center - Tao Aerobics - Zen Fit - Energy Training Centre - BR Holistic - HSP Holistic Established: 1985, S. Korea


Dahn Yoga Healing Society Healing Family


No Dahn Cult Stepping into the Dahn A New Moon Is Dahn Yoga Linked to a Cult?

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  • Letter from a former Dahn Master who resigned in 1999: Part I Part II