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Title Falun Gong - Editorial: Falun Gong

Falun Gong - Editorial: Falun Gong May 1st, 2006 - [Falun Gong] The Japan Times has an editorial about the White House incident where a Falun Gong supporter disrupted procedings with visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao. On Falun Gongs status they write; Experts abroad are split. Some concede that Falun Gong has the characteristics of a cult, noting its aversion to medical treatment and practitioners devotion to their leader, Li Hongzhi. Others disagree, citing its advocacy of peaceful rather than violent protest and the fact that its only political agenda appears to be winning protection of its followers civil rights. Even more controversial is the movements claim that official persecution now extends to the harvesting of organs from convicted Falun Gong followers. The claims have not been verified, but neither have they been refuted and unfortunately for China, its own record of abuses lends them a presumptive credibility. Full article