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Title Emin - Essay about Emin from Former Member

Emin - Essay about Emin from Former Member Posted April 8, 2002 I. Homophobia In his writing called The Poem of The Church of The Emin Coils, Leo/Armin says, At no time will homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestism, nymphonic or any other unnatural condition or freak practice . . . be permitted. This quote is reprinted in Benjamin Beit Hallahmis 1998 book, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Active New Religions, Sects, and Cults published by the Rosen Publishing Group, Inc. These vicious opinions of Leos/Armins are hidden and never directly discussed by members who know about them. They are also never contradicted. And they would never ever be told to new members. The Emin has a very strong culture of Ladies and Gentlemen with very distinct roles to play, dictated by what Leo/Armin has dubbed The Man Woman Mystery. Armins statement in The Poem . . . reveals a possibly more sinister reasoning behind the roles dictated in The Man Woman Mystery. II. The Emin Is a For-Profit Business Leo/Mr. Armin, according to what Emin senior members say, lives in Florida (I and others were told he lives a modest lifestyle). Getting further detail on him is difficult even for members which I was for years. Even many senior members dont know more. What is kept a secret even from Emin members is that Mr. Armin lives in a $3.2 million waterfront estate in Stuart, FL (Assessed value: Martin County Assessors 2001 figures available online). As I understand it, Mr. Armin can afford this estate because The Emin Society is a for-profit company franchised out to local branches. Members pay dues, and 1/3 of all these Emin dues go to the Emin company called the RLE Corporation of Florida. The second 1/3 goes to the local Guardian of The Community (GOC) for his personal profit. And only the final 1/3 goes to support the actual local activities of Emin folks. That includes rent, administration costs, upkeep, events, etc. The local GOC runs the local branch of the Emin for his or her profit as he or she sees fit. It is his or her franchise license. Leo grants licenses (or franchises) to the local GOCs to start branches. Im sure different GOCs run their franchises differently, but if they follow Leos/Armins example, they are pocketing a profit from the subscriptions and volunteer activities of the members. And, if they are following his example further, they are not telling members that they are making money off their efforts (let alone telling outside people considering The Emin). If Emin members tell you it is a non-profit organization, look into where the money goes. Youll find contributions are not tax-deductible and 1/3 of all revenues go to the for-profit, private RLE corporation in FL. The tragic part of this is that members pay these huge monthly subscriptions, volunteer to expand the community several nights, weekends and whatever spare time they have, and even donate money to a plethora of Emin Funds, but they are rarely made aware that they are members, not of a religious/philosophical community, but they are paying members of the GOCs personal business. That means, in essence, all their efforts go to profit the GOC and Raymond Armin. The license from Leo/Armin gives the GOC ultimate control over the local branch to run as he sees fit. They will tell you the Emin Society is a community, but its not. It is a business owned and operated for the benefit of Raymond Armin and the local managers he has franchised. Its only fair that people considering joining this group have a chance to know what it is they would be supporting. Thank you.