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Title The Global Association of Culture and Peace aka Setsuri - What is Setsuri

The Global Association of Culture and Peace aka Setsuri - What is Setsuri? November 21st, 2006 - The following information has been provided by a former member, recruited at Hunter College in New York in 1995. When this group first approaches a new victim, many tactics are used to coerce the victim into a meeting. With me, they used a front called the International Cultural Exchange (ICE) . I went to the meeting and it seemed really unplanned and unorganized. Then all of a sudden, it turned into a Bible study. There were only 4 other girls, myself, and the handsome Bible study teacher. He seemed to know the Bible like no one else and said that this study was a little different than all the rest. How was it different? Because it really got you familiar with the Bible and gave you a deeper understanding of God and a closer relationship to Him. I was very impressed and was very taken by the stunning man. He seemed to glow. He got all of our numbers at the end of the class and said that he would call us. He seemed to really be focused on me almost flirting with me. Since I was new to New York City and knew few people, I welcomed the opportunity to have a handsome man teach me about the Bible. I was already a Christian, but had long felt that I should know the Bible better. At that moment, I felt that God had sent him to me. He contacted me a few weeks later and we got together for our first Bible study. He explained that there were 30 principles that we would go through and that is how the Bible studies are designed. I thought, Fine, that will be 30 times to be with him! The Bible studies all lasted very long (about 4 hours on average). This guy, Scott, was investing so much time into me. It seemed like I was the most important thing in the world to him. We met every week for a few months and then I helped recruit a traveling German guy into the Bible studies. He loved them and 6 years later he is still a member. We both began going to the church. You cannot go to the church until you have completed all 30 Principles of which I only completed seven. They were really in a hurry to get me into the group. Every Sunday, we would watch Sung Sang Nimh / Jung Myung Seok on video from Korea. He would deliver the Sunday Message and it would last about 5 hours. I really loved my newfound place in God s History and I was really proud of myself. But really I was in love with the guy who brought me, Scott. Eventually, that wore off and I realized that it is not allowed within Providence . There was so much manipulation that went on within the walls of the church, I just don t know where to begin. First of all, the 30 Principles make you believe that JMS is the Second coming of Christ..the new Jesus . They will never outright say it with their own mouths, you must first admit it on your own. They slowly encourage you to lessen your contact with outsiders (family and friends) and rely only on the group. The group is your family and the only ones who are truly saved. I began to notice that when people prayed they prayed to Jesus, Holy Spirit, God and ssn (sung sang nimh). I was really uncomfortable with this, because I just had a really bad feeling about it. I never prayed the way they did. I eventually fell in love with a good friend of mine outside of the group. He was a very strong Christian and the group really hated us being together so much. They even had a member follow me to see what I was up to. Right from the beginning, the members were encouraging me to go to Korea to meet JMS. I never wanted to go. I was afraid for some reason. It was weird. I mean here is a man that I am worshipping as JESUS, but I had a really bad feeling about meeting him. One year after I was in the group, we all went to California to meet JMS. was one of the few who hadn t met him. All of the American MS (that is what the members are called) were there. This was in 96 and there were about 250 of us there. Everybody was really brainwashed. I could see that they were and I could even see that I was. It was a strange feeling. I felt like I was going to die. It was a very strong fear that I couldn t shake. I was pushed to the front for pictures and to be near JMS. They really loved me because I have blonde hair, green eyes and fair skin. They told me that JMS would really love me. I found myself embarassed that I found that to be a compliment.the same feeling I had when I learned of Hitler in the 6th grade. Imagine, I was already comparing this man to Hitler. JMS requested to see me in his hotel room, but I wasn t told in that way. It was more like, We are going to have a meetingcome to room ___! I went and then realized that this was my private counseling with JMS. I became very afraid. I prayed so hard the whole time I was in the room that God would protect me. It was just JMS, a female translator and me. JMS came and sat right next to me on the bed and was staring into my eyes like he was going to put me into a trance. I kept praying silently when, all of a sudden, he fell asleep. The translator was shocked but tried to hide it and she told me to Pray to him silently.. No way. JMS counseled with members about marriage. I was clueless as to what was going on, but later I found out that a member must have evangelized at least 3 people, read the Bible 3 times and had a private counseling with JMS. I have heard allegations of rape from others. I am told that he has about 20 girls that live with him and take care of him. They are his slaves in many ways. He makes them wear expensive clothes and lots of makeup. There are over 40,000 members in Korea alone and there are several others all over the rest of the world! I am glad to get out of the group and am happily married, but I worry for all those still in.