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Title The Global Association of Culture and Peace aka Setsuri - Claims sect using social groups to recruit members

The Global Association of Culture and Peace aka Setsuri - Claims sect using social groups to recruit members March 12th, 2007 - A FRINGE religious sect, which has reportedly brainwashed young women for sex with a messianic South Korean leader, has been accused of recruiting potential members through a soccer team based at Sydney University. The Global Association of Culture and Peace, a social group started by the controversial Providence church, has also run dancing and modelling activities to attract students in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and other cities. Until recently it held secret ceremonies behind a nondescript Annandale shopfront, where attendees participated in choreographed cheerleading and watched videotaped sermons. The building was sold eight days ago, and the group is thought to be looking for new premises. The organisers of the culture and peace association and other social groups linked to Providence, such as International Cultural Exchange Australia, say it is a legitimate religious organisation, and members are free to leave. The association was founded by Jung Myung Seok, also known as Joshua Jung, Joshua Lee and Pastor Joshua, who is being hunted by Interpol for alleged rape, sexual abuse, fraud and embezzlement. His whereabouts have been unknown since 2003. [...] Providence is a quasi-Christian sect started by Jung in South Korea around 1980. Providence doctrine regards him as a living deity on a par with Jesus Christ, and many members devote their lives to him. [...] They are incredibly secretive. They often recruit without telling people it s a religious organisation, he said. Mr Jewsbury attended meetings at the group s Annandale base in a Parramatta Road shop, which members referred to as their church . People familiar with the premises said young, attractive and well-dressed South Korean women would arrive for regular sessions of singing, dancing and cheerleading. Mr Jewsbury said he had been shown videos of sermons by Jung at the Annandale premises. Another man, who asked not to be identified, said a video projector had been mounted in the ceiling and religious paraphernalia lined the walls. I want to let people know about it because it is dangerous, Mr Jewsbury said. I was never really pushed to give money; it s more psychological. It s subtle. Giving money is seen as a sign of your faith, and members start to feel pestered to give their money. It s really stressful and it takes over their lives. The group has run a women s soccer team based at Sydney University, and funded dance and cheerleading groups. It also advertises for peace models , with opportunities for beautiful young women to attend international festivals. [...] This is a summary extract from the full article as it appeared on Sydney Morning Herald, March 10, 2007 Full Article