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Title Branch Davidians - On this day: Waco cult siege ends with inferno
Description Branch Davidians - On this day: Waco cult siege ends with inferno
April 19th, 2006 -
[Branch Davidian] 13 years ago on this day approximately 77 people died in the headquarters of the Branch Davidian after an almost 2 months stand-off.
After Koresh took control of the group, he annulled the marriages of his followers, according to former members of the cult. He said that only he could be married. Several members left.
The former followers told authorities that Koresh would beat the children until they were bruised and bleeding. Social workers investigated but could never confirm the charges.
For the remaining followers, they prepared for the end of the world.
Koresh said that the Apocalypse would begin when the American army attacked Mount Carmel, their compound outside of Waco.
They buried a school bus to serve as a bunker and stockpiled food and ammunition.
â BBC 1
Speaking about the case in a lecture at the Harvard University Science Center Steve Hassan says;
âThe most universal mind control technique is phobia indoctrination. Irrational fears programmed into peopleâs minds that if they ever leave the group, terrible things are going to happen to them. [...] So, yes, we can look in towards the Koreshians and say, âYeah, they could have walked out, they could have left if they wanted to,â but they didnât have the capacity to in their minds. [...]
I would have brought cult counseling information to people in cults. [...] the weakness is that when youâre involved with a destructive cult, youâre not taught to stop negative thoughts about other groups. And so, if youâre talking to someone in the Moonies, you can talk to them about a different group how it uses mind control, and theyâll think about it.â

1 : Koresh and the Waco siege