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Title Branch Davidians - Branch Davidians caught in yet another power struggle

Branch Davidians - Branch Davidians caught in yet another power struggle April 20th, 2006 - [Branch Davidian] On the 13th anniversary of the fire that destroyed the Mt. Carmel compound of the Branch Davidian sect the authority of the group's new leader, Charlie Pace, was visible in several symbolic ways. For one thing, members of the church burned the root of a crape myrtle planted in Kores's memory. The tree was one of 81 planted by Doyle and other Davidians to symbolize all of the cult members who died during the 1993 siege. Each had a stone marker with a victim's name. The trees have long been a point of contention with Pace, who says such 'groves' are prohibited in the Bible. In ancient times, groups of trees were often planted around temples by pagans who used them as gathering spots for orgies and other unholy activities, he said. The markers made the display even worse, Pace says, because they turned the trees into idols. Visitors who came to the land would often kneel before Koresh's tree in particular, he said. For those reasons, the trees were a bur in Pace's side. The last straw came a few weeks ago when a TV news crew brought a psychic to the property and the group spent much time gathered around Koresh's tree, said church member Ron Goins. The next day, Pace cut it down, he said, and broke the stone marker bearing the cult leader's name. ' Waco Tribune 1 Charlie Pace took over leadership of the group in 1997, renamed the group and started to reform its theology. The take-over resulted last year in the beginnings of a rift between Charlie Pace and Clive Doyle who has maintained the compound and has led services for the about half dozen followers which would come on saturdays. The rift finally ended in Clive Doyle and his followers being more or less 'exiled' from the property. * Full article: Waco Tribune