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Title Creciendo en Gracia
Founder José Luis De Jesus Miranda

Established: 1986, Miami FL, USA Simplified Timeline: 1947:

Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda is born Dec. 1976:

Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda has a vision, starts to believe he's 'dead to sin'. Nowadays he now believes that was the night of Christ's second coming. 1986: 'the voice' tells De Jesus to move to Miami. There he preaches his controversial message (there is no sin, there is no devil) daily in a 15 minute radio slot.

Three months later the first congegration with 500 people.

1998: De Jesus claims to be the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul.

1999: De Jesus claims to be 'El Otro' ' a demigod who would lay the foundation for the Lord's return.

2004: De Jesus names himself Jesus Christ and the ultimate authority on the Gospel.


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