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Title Al Qaeda - Letter from Steve Hassan to President George W. Bush on the "American Taliban"'

Al Qaeda - Letter from Steve Hassan to President George W. Bush on the "American Taliban" Freedom of Mind Resource Center, Inc. Steven Hassan M.Ed LMHC PO Box 45223 Somerville, Massachusetts 02145 Thursday, December 6, 2001

President George Bush The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear Mr. President, I was heartened by your comment on 20/20 last night that you believe John Walker Lindh has been misled. As citizens are presently calling for this young American to be tried for treason and executed as a terrorist, it is imperative that everyone understand that powerful social influence forces were probably exerted on him and which resulted in his cutting off contact with his family last May and with his recent capture as a "jihadi soldier."

As a former cult member and an experienced licensed mental health professional who has helped thousands of people recover from destructive cult mind control, I believe that a substantial case can be made that John was a victim of mind control during his time in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It appears that John did make a legitimate conversion to Islam when he was sixteen years old and changed his name to Sulayman al Faris. It was only years later that he changed his name again to Abdul Hamid at a point when I believe he was under mind control. Islam has at its roots, like Judaism and Christianity, on insistence on the foundational belief that God wants us "his children" to exercise free will in matters of faith.

Destructive mind control uses deception and psychological programming to undermine free will and "clones" people in the image of a human leader ­ in this case Osama bin Laden. It is my profound belief that this young man was isolated and indoctrinated into accepting a warped world-view of Islam that turned him from his family, friends and country. How else can you explain twisting the two great commandments: To love God with all your heart, mind and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself into a doctrine of hatred and violence? I have been working for twenty-five years helping people to recover from destructive cult mind control. The good news is that mind control does not succeed in erasing the person's "real self."

The cult pseudo-self can be neutralized by specialized counseling and the person made whole again. It is my firm belief that freedom and justice would be best served by providing the necessary counseling, and then utilizing this young American to help others imprisoned by terrorist cult mind control. It is of absolute necessity that we expose the use of brainwashing and mind control methods to everyone, in the service of freedom and justice. I call on everyone in the world who has experienced cult mind control, either directly or indirectly through a family member or friend, or who has studied it academically to join me in enthusiastic support of President Bush's position.

Sincerely, Steven Hassan