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Title Al Qaeda - Steve Hassan Defines Approach to Working With Jailed Terrorists

Al Qaeda - Steve Hassan Defines Approach to Working With Jailed Terrorists October 2, 2001

There is growing evidence that the terrorists responsible for the Sept 11 attacks in New York and Washington D.C. committed their violent acts while under the influence of mind control. Zacarias Moussaoui, the would-be hijacker now jailed in New York, is a living example of that mindset.

In a recent London Times story, his brother stated that Moussaoui went through a radical personality change of the sort that is often observed in members of destructive cults. "He was brainwashed," said his mother. "Since the morning the planes hit, it has been obvious to me that these people have been subject to mind control," said Steven Hassan. "We need to discuss what this means in regards to how we combat terrorism." A better understanding of how mind control has played in the recent tragedy could help the international effort to combat terrorism in several ways. To begin, it could help governments here and abroad gather information from jailed terrorists. "Counseling former members of terrorist groups is an important first step to asking them for their help," said Hassan. "The more ex-terrorists that can be counseled and recruited to help, the more effective the antiterrorist campaign will begin by starting with Zacarias Moussaoui himself. We need to teach him about cults and mind control. We need to show him how to evaluate what he's been through. We need to bring in Islamic scholars, and show him how the Koran has been misinterpreted by his leaders."

Hassan, who has been counseling cult members for 25 years, has helped thousands of people who have been mind controlled as effectively as the terrorists using innovative methods. Such methods might be applied not just to jailed terrorists but to the people of countries where terrorists have held sway as a way of counseling them out of terrorist groups, and out of their America-is-evil mindset. "Giving food and aid to the people of Afghanistan will not undo mind control programming, though it is good start," Hassan said. He believes that a massive education program needs to be launched. "Islamic religious leaders need to communicate to these people that what they have been taught is actually against the Koran," he said. "Former members of destructive cults could come forward and talk about the techniques that were used to brainwash them." The methods could also be used for dealing with terrorists in this country, the anonymous few capable of inflicting so much damage. "As a nation, we need to have a higher sense of community," said Hassan. People acquainted with the hijackers have portrayed them as quiet and shy. "What was really happening is that they were isolated from real human contact," he said. "The more people reach out to them, the more challenged their mind controlled-world view is going to be. "If you suspect someone is involved with terrorism, treat them warmly. A lot of people call them names, and become distant. This is the opposite of what you need to do which is to get them to start reality testing." Contact: Florence Tambone (781) 643-3295