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Moon Organization - Detailed Information on Moon Organization If You Are a Current Member: SOME IRREFUTABLE PROBLEMS WITH THE DIVINE PRINCIPLE (DP): In Chapter One, the DP claims that Jews and Christians subscribe to a belief that: God is a God of Truth, Beauty and Goodness as well as that God is Absolute, Unchanging and Eternal also that God wanted Man to have Free Will God couldn t interfere with Man s portion of Responsibility and violate His Principles SOME CONTRADICTIONS TO THINK ABOUT: God is a God of Truth, not Deception and Lies as Moon teaches Moon and the his representatives claim that it is necessary to deceive Satan s children in order to build God s Kingdom. Moon said in Way of God s Will, Evil has deceived evil into goodness, but goodness has not been able to deceive evil into goodness. Perhaps this is why Christianity hasn t accomplished God s will bravely, until today. There are also two other direct quotes by Moon, published by the UC, in which Moon says it is necessary to tell lies. Despite PR attempts to dismiss Master Speaks as not official , or not good translations , any long term member knows that when Moon spoke in the seventies, he understood English then, and even corrected any poor translations as he was speaking. They also know that his talks were tape recorded and published without any editing though mid 1976. Back then, it was considered to be sinful to change any of God s words spoken through Father . When Master Speaks were brought out of the group, a decision was made to begin editing controversial parts. Ken Sudo, head of Barrytown training in the 1970's said in the 120 day training manual (the training for all Unification leaders) that Satan kidnapped God s children, so it is necessary for God to kidnap Satan s children back. The New Testament clearly states that Satan is the Father of Lies. If God is Unchanging, then why would he change and violate His nature? If God s will was for Man to have Free Will, so that He wouldn t interfere with Adam and Eve s fall, why would God change and thousands of years later justify deception, manipulation, and mind control to force Man to do His Will? Another thing to think about is parallels between the Bible s description of the Fall and the temptation to new converts. Genesis says that Lucifer s temptation to Eve was that she could be like God and know good and evil. The Divine Principle says that it is the Completed Testament, and that by following Moon and the DP, you can become like God and know good and evil. Indeed, the lure to new members is that you can become pure, and sinless, and Godlike in your powers, and wealthy and rule in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Quite a temptation! The Divine Principle says that there are three criteria to be used to evaluate the new Messiah: Criteria One: He must explain the truth about the Fall of Man- proving he is sinless since Satan doesn t want anyone to know it and everyone on earth has sin. Criteria Two: The Messiah must be born between 1917-1930 (based on the claim that the parallels of history are proven to be true and verifiable). Criteria Three: The Messiah must be born in Korea (based on a bible verse in Revelation that the light shone from the east ). These three criteria are arbitrary and offered to serve Moon s needs. In other words, there is no Biblical basis- or any other objective teaching either. Criteria One Refutation: The teaching that the Fall was a sexual fall between Lucifer and Eve, and Eve and Adam was taken from a cult which Moon was in. It was also traced back to Gnostic heretics as early as 200 A.D.. So, either, these other people were sinless, or else Moon made up the claim. Criteria Two Refutation: The dates in the DP are historically and Biblically incorrect in many, many places. There is statistically more than 2% error, as Ken Sudo claimed. DP lecturers would routinely tell prospective converts to go to the library, open up the history textbooks, and verify that these parallels are true. I did. This was a big lie, but lecturers would repeat the same lie that they believed when they were recruited. No one ever verified the history parallels because they are WRONG! Former four year leader, Allen Tate Wood, and former member Jane Williams, did do the research and wrote the definitive critique. Read it! Study it! The History of Restoration, considered to be the most ^�scientific of the DP, is just plain wrong! Something else to consider- after all of the millions of dollars spent by Moon for Science conferences, don t you think it odd, that there has never been a SINGLE historian who has ever confirmed Moon s history parallels? Criteria Three Refutation: The New Testament s last book, Revelation, is the most symbolic chapter of the Bible. To say that Korea is now chosen in the place of Israel based on such a passage out of context is absurd and dangerous. No Biblical scholar would read that verse and conclude that it meant the Far East, much less that it meant Korea. Only a group that uses mind control to disrupt critical thinking could accept such nonsense. It is interesting that the Japanese version of the DP in the 70�s (perhaps 80�s) left out the Korea is God s nation and the Messiah is Korean because of racism in Japan. Ever wonder how many people would even go to a lecture, much less a workshop, if they were told these three criteria and the answers the group offers? What if the criteria were reversed in order- and you were told that Korea was the new Israel first? The Divine Principle teaches that God s love in unconditional. Moon claims to teach a higher level of love than even Jesus taught. In reality, Moon s love is conditional. He will love you as long as you are obedient and do what he tells you to do. If you question his authority, you are deemed to be possessed by Satan, and not worthy of love. In other words what Moon and his organization practices is conditional love. Hardly any different from fallen man s love . Of greatest concern to long term members is the disgraceful and downright sinful activities of Hyo Jin Moon- the heir to the Moon empire. The oldest son of the Sun Myung Moon- Hak Cha Han marriage, he was destined to rule the new world order. He has demonstrated that he has a drug problem (his wife, Nan Sook claims he uses cocaine), has a violent temper (she claims he beat her and even kicked her when she was pregnant), has an arrest record for DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) and even had the audacity to drive a car even when his license was suspended. For anyone who has interacted with Hyo Jin, reports are that he frequently curses, and is otherwise abusive to members. You will know the tree by the fruit it bears While more and more information comes out about Moon s early sexual purification rituals, it makes sense that the child of a man who has victimized so many women would victimize his wife and so have serious problems in his marriage. Members have been repeatedly indoctrinated to disbelieve any stories about Moon having sex with many women. But think about it? If Satan supposedly polluted Eve s vagina with his spiritual elements , and restoration has to take place by reverse action, why couldn t Moon claim to be giving divine spiritual elements to all the other women- in order to purify them? What about the claim that there are virtually no divorces in the Moon organization? Kind of embarrassing when the heir to the throne is getting divorced. Of course, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of divorces from such blessings which Moon has conducted over the years. As always, the Moon PR machine lies to the public- and won t provide any documentation. Sure, people stayed married for years after the ceremony- but then again, many couldn t even communicate directly because of language problems. Most people saw each other for only a few days each year, and never had sex for years- until they were allow to do so by central figures. It is easier to stay married when you are committed to the group and your spouse lives far away from you. There are an estimated 3- 5000 Americans in the Moon organization. Why such a small number? In the 1970's Moon claimed that God took the blessing away from Christianity, and gave it to him. Why are there between 50-70,000 former American members? Moon claimed to have gained total spiritual victory. He claimed that Almighty God was behind him. Why then are so many other Christian churches, as well as Jewish temples (not to mention Islam) thriving? Why is he just gaining money and power? Something to think about! Whenever anything goes wrong- and it goes wrong a lot, Moon conveniently blames members, indemnity, political forces- but never takes responsibility for his errors in judgment. When will members see through this manipulative pattern? Anything that goes well- he takes credit for. Otherwise, everything is your fault. Long term members who do not have cushy jobs, often are left out in the cold. When they joined in the 70's, Moon said that We are one True Family and that we were all brothers and sisters. He also promised to take care of his children- his adopted children. Well, complaints abound from people who have spent 20-30 years of dedicated membership and now can t get a job, have little or no education, and have been abandoned by Moon. In light of the fact, that Moon has spent over one BILLION dollars on the Washington Times, and spends hundreds of millions of dollars, wining and dining VIP s around the world, what justification could there be to stand idly by and watch his followers suffer. Broken promises! Corruption! Hardly the Lord of Love. More like a greedy businessman. Check out the conclusions and recommendations of the 1977-78 Congressional Investigation into KCIA activities in the US. They completely prove that Bo Hi Pak s book and video Truth is my Sword was a big lie! Question: On Damian Anderson s web page he wrote about a minister from Nigeria who had a dream in which Jesus told him without Rev. Moon s blessing he was going to hell. What is your response to such phenomenon? Steve Hassan: Did the minister never hear of Moon before he had this dream? I doubt it. When it comes to dreams and other spiritual phenomena- I have this to say. I do believe in God and I do believe that people can and do have spiritual experiences. I also believe in influence processes- such as hypnosis and there is something called a hypnotic suggestion. As a therapist, I NEVER tell someone that he/she didn t have a spiritual experience, if they say they have had one. However, I do tell people that it is interesting if you interview people in a hundred different groups with a charismatic leader who claims to be God, Jesus, Messiah, Prophet, Avatar, enlightened Master, or whatever- you will hear A LOT of testimonials regarding these kinds of experiences. So, the fact that someone claims to have had a dream in any one of these groups doesn t prove anything. On a personal note, I had quite a few spiritual experiences when I was involved with the Moonies- in fact my decision to join was influenced by what I thought was a sign from God (as described in my book). What is very interesting is that the interpretation of the experiences carry as much weight or more than the actual experience. No matter what happens, you can attribute more or less attention to it and explain it in vastly different ways. In March of 1965, Moon was asked (recorded in Master Speaks) the question, How can I tell the difference between a revelation from God and a revelation from Satan? Moon answered, If the revelation testifies to me as the Messiah and the Divine Principle as the Truth, this is a revelation from God. If the revelation says I am not the Messiah and the DP is not the Truth, this is a revelation from Satan . Well, there you have it. Interpret your spiritual experiences with Moon s model and what will happen is that you will dismiss, minimize or forget every experience that you have that warns you to GET OUT of the group. By accepting his criteria for evaluation, you lose your own mind and it s capacity to evaluate. I had numerous experiences while in the group. The most memorable one was following the seven day fast in front of the United Nations in 1974. Members were assembled at Barrytown, and Moon was giving a talk. I was in the front, as usual. Moon turned into the Devil right in front of me- with a sickly golden glow that was emanating such evil that I had to get up. I moved all the way to the back of the room because I couldn t breathe- he was so evil. When I told my experience to a blessed sister, she told me how much Satan was tempting me because I was so important to God and to Father . Of course, the fact that I hadn t eaten any food for a week, and worked long days coordinating all transportation for the fast, didn t figure at the time, in my evaluation of the experience. To this day, I m not positive that it was a revelation from God. But I believe it was but one of many experiences that led me to realize that Moon is not God s agent. When I have counseled long term members and told them about this, they too began a process of remembering many, many experiences they had which they had previously dismissed. I encourage people to write things down and analyze later. I am currently corresponding by email with a follower of Sai Baba, who claims to be God and has done magic tricks and claimed them as miracles. For example, he manifests gold rings, expensive watches, holy ash seemingly out of thin air. The rings just happen to be the correct size of the celebrity s finger he places it on. These manifestations are taken as proof that Sai Baba is divine. In the meantime, professional magicians have all replicated these miracles by sleight of hand techniques. In one case, Sai Baba was filmed retrieving some jewelry from the bottom of a box that was handed to him- and then manifesting it. Even though it is caught on tape- believers refuse to accept that Sai Baba could be a fraud. What I prefer to rely on to assess an individual s claim to superior spirituality are some of the basics like: honesty, integrity, love, humility, compassion, charity. When one steps back and looks at Moon s life and actions objectively- including reading his own words in Master Speaks it is painfully obvious that he is not AT ALL demonstrating the above characteristics. He says he does. Members believe he does. But he falls far short. Now, members can observe the fruit of his own so-called sinless life. Look at his oldest son. Going through a divorce with claims of being a cocaine addict, porno addict, being physically abusive, being arrested several times for being drunk or driving without a license.