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Title Moon Organization - Detailed Information on Moon Organization Methods Taught by the Organization

Moon Organization - Detailed Information on Moon Organization Methods Taught by the Organization: Basically, like many mind control cults, the ends justify the means . In other words, whatever will help Moon and the organization to achieve its goals is moral. Deception is done systematically either by omitting critical information (e.g. Would you like to come for the weekend? leaving out that you will need to be away on Monday also), distorting information (e.g. We are Christians what that means to us is that we follow Moon, the Christ) or outright lying (e.g. No. We re not Moonies. You mean that Chinese guy? ) The Moonies will learn as much as possible about you and your background and use that information to manipulate and gain control. Usually, in the beginning of a recruitment, they flatter and praise effusively. They give and give and give to you. So much so that you naturally start feeling indebted to them and want to reciprocate. They often use money and promises of power to entice and seduce people in a step by step fashion into their clutches. They are masters of propaganda and know how to create effective fronts- illusions. They often use expensive dinners, gala events and exotic trips to seduce the wealthy and elite. By paying celebrities and politicians to make appearances, they create and atmosphere of respectability. For example, George Bush has received huge amounts of money to speak at Moon sponsored events throughout the world.