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Title Amway - Quixtar BITE analysis · Behavior Control

Amway/Quixtar BITE analysis · Behavior Control · Part 1 of the BITE model as applied to Amway/Quixtar Motivational Organisations. Prepared by cult expert Steve Hassan based on former members submissions. Disclaimer: Freedom of Mind nor Steve Hassan believe the Amway and Quixtar corporations are cults; however, we do have concerns about their Motivational Organizations. Contents Behavior Control | Information Control | Thought Control | Emotional Control Main Amway/Quixtar entry Behavior Control 1. Regulation of individuals physical reality 2. Major time commitment required for indoctrination sessions and group rituals According to the numbers John Hoagland shows on his statistics page, a person should expect to spend an average of 11.38 hours a week on activities that build the business. These activities include: contacting/ prospecting new people; showing the plan (and travel time to/ from the location); listening to audio tapes; reading books; attending weekly and monthly meetings; helping the downline build their business; and listening/ passing along of telephone messages (via the Amvox network). Keep in mind that this is a very low-end average, and more hours will probably be required if a person wants to build big. Also, keep in mind that this estimate does not include the 4 major functions per year; each taking up one entire weekend (about 72 hours or more, not including travel time). Also, a pro-Amway website-owner believes that this time-estimate is actually on the low side. He claims the time commitment is around 20 hours (or more) per week - a far cry from the estimate of 8 to 10 hours a week shown in the Sales & Marketing Plan. A disclaimer: the Amway Corporation has never given any kind of time frame for building an Amway business. Their official statement claims that people build their own business as fast or as slow as they want. It is the AMOs who have created the 8-10 hours a week claim. 3. Need to ask permission for major decisions For a distributor to really build the business, he should not think for himself. In fact, just the opposite is true- when he does what the upline tells him to do, things will fall into place (actual quotes from audio tapes) for the distributor. Numerous stories have been told by Diamonds about how they tried and tried to build the business, but nothing seemed to work. When they started doing as they were told, their businesses started to grow. In other speeches, distributors have told how they wanted to buy a house or car and went to their upline for advice. The upline would usually tell them to wait until they reached the next level of achievement before making a purchase. In theory, this is good advice: a person should wait until he is financially able to purchase an item before buying it. But, what happens when the person needs air conditioning for their van in the middle of a Florida summer? How long should he wait? Until he can afford it with Amway bonus checks or until someone gets sick from the heat? When the reverse situation arises, the advice is different: if a person needs to make more money, upline distributors will usually make sure that person is in attendance at the next function. Does this advice seem contradictory? A person is struggling with their finances and they are told to spend money to go to a function? There is a possibility, that, in a few years, the person might make thousands of dollars, but what about affording this months mortgage payment? As for right now, the upline is the only one who is making money: they profit from the sale of the function tickets. I would suppose the upline gives this advice because the they want their tool money before the distributor decides to quit the business due to poor results.A submitter personally witnessed the devastating results of this faulty advice. When one of his uplines was struggling with a heavy debt load, he went to his upline Emerald for advice. Due to a second mortgage, he was forced to move his family out of their home and into an apartment. Now, there is nothing at all wrong with an apartment, but when your family (including two teenage children) have to move from a modest house to a cramped three-bedroom apartment, adjustment can be difficult. And the situation was made even worse when they had to give their daughters dachshund to a relative since the apartment complex would not permit pets. And while he struggled with this situation, his upline Direct still tells him and his wife to attend the functions! For two people, the costs of a function can be over $500.00 (for tickets, travel, hotel, etc.). Wouldnt this money be better spent paying off some debt? Not according to the Emerald. That upline still believes he will be going direct anytime now. He can pay off the debts then. All he has to do is have faith in his uplines advice.If a distributors decision-making capacity is replaced by that of his uplines, where does that leave his children? Chances are good that the upline will tell him (and his wife) to leave the kids with a baby-sitter and go show a plan. Repeat this 6 or 7 times a week to really build the business big. What about the kids who see their parents leaving them every night for just a promise that one day soon the parents will actually raise them, instead of the sitter. Will this continue for the next 3-12 months or 3-5 years or longer until the parents Amway business is built? What do you tell the children then? On the other hand, Diamonds commonly argue, Well, parents leave their kids all the time when they work their 9-to-5 J-O-B. And now the parents are leaving their children again in the evening to build an Amway business. With the pressure to be successful, and on the advice of their upline, have these parents lost their ability to choose what is in the best interest of the children? 4. Need to report thoughts, feelings and activities to superiors Distributors that are plugged in or on the grow are expected to counsel with their upline at least once a month. There is a strange method used in which wives are routinely used to report on their husbands activities for their own good. Husbands are warned not to take financial counsel re: the business from their wives because they are at the same income level�.the women are advised that their husbands may have too much male ego take advice from them anyway�.. the solution is for the women to call their upline and report on their husbands activities (or lack thereof) prior to counseling. This results in planned spontaneity, in which the husband may feel his upline has been divinely guided because he instinctively seems to know his problem. As a high level distributor, I utilized this technique frequently, thinking it was in the best interest of each couple. In retrospect, this is an incredible violation of the trust that a husband and wife share. 5. Rewards and punishments (behavior modification techniques- positive and negative) One person who submitted stated: During the time I was a distributor, I never witnessed any forms of punishment. Im sure there are some groups that use punishment, but I havent heard about it. On the other hand, rewards (and goal-setting) are used extensively. At each the monthly meetings and major functions, people are recognized for achieving the various levels in the business (1000 points, 2500 points, etc.). Distributors become motivated to cross stage at the next function. As a person moves higher up the chain, the Amway Corporation begins its own form of rewards- with money. If a person reaches the Direct level, he is given a bonus of X dollars. If he reaches the Emerald level, he gets Y dollars. Note: the exact amounts vary depending on a number of factors, including how many people are in the persons group. However, another former distributor had this to say: This is not readily evident to new distributors. At the leadership levels of Direct and Emerald, it is used frequently. In a specific instance, my upline Diamond (who was a hero that at one point I would have taken a bullet for) became aware of the fact that I had gained some knowledge off the internet of a huge lawsuit (Diamond Direct Brig Harts $50,000,000 lawsuit against Diamond level and above members of his upline and downline). In an Emerald meeting, my Diamond quite literally appeared to blow a gasket and described anyone that would be on the internet researching negative things about Amway as Satan Possessed . I was still in and very much loyal. At a leadership level, you cannot afford even the appearance of doubt/psychological infidelity. 6. Individualism discouraged; group think prevails Right from the start youre advised that there is no money in creativity, as the perfect system of success has been created. (See No new ideas, below.) Although personal business ownership is touted, it is a farce. In the new Quixtar company, distributors are referred to as IBOs (Independent Business Owners). You may work for nearly a decade developing an international business, but not have the freedom to even put a newsletter into your group or call a meeting with your leaders that is not pre-approved. 7. Rigid rules and regulations Despite the claim of personal choice and freedom, Amway distributors are bound by the rules and regulations of the Amway Corporation, by the regulations set by the AMOs, by the rules set by their upline, and by the statements in the Business Support Materials Arbitration Agreement (BSMAA). The rigidity of the rules may vary between groups. There are four Cardinal Rules that you must never, never violate; they are listed below. One submitter says they have a tape in which the Diamond states that these are rules that you must follow or you will pay. This same individual has said he would take out anyone that messed with his upline Diamond. He apparently is very serious and the submitter believes he would do it to prove his loyalty. a. No new ideas Creativity is not only frowned upon, it is banished. b. No crosslining You cannot establish relationships or share any information with anyone not in your upline or downline. This effectively isolates any bad information to one group but it is further limited below. c. Never, ever pass negative You do not repeat any negative information to anyone not even your best friend in private. This is the equivalent of giving someone poison or dumping garbage in their home. The submitter who told us about this stated that In the Moonies, I believe this informational control principle is referred to as the multiplication of the evils. d. Never, ever de-edify You must never say anything disrespectful or discourteous about any member of your upline regardless of their behavior . To do so would show that, perhaps, you are the problem and have an ego out of control etc�.. 8. Need for obedience and dependency There is not much need for obedience, but there is plenty of dependency. See Behavior Control: Need to ask permission for major decisions. Behavior Control | Information Control | Thought Control | Emotional Control Main Amway/Quixtar entry