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Title Moon organization - The Man vs. Moon

Moon organization - The Man vs. Moon February 1st, 2007 - As a local Moonie preacher is sentenced, evidence implicates the church s supreme leader in a shark-poaching scheme. Federal prosecutors scored a coup last week when Reverend Kevin Thompson, Bay Area leader for the Unification Church aka the Moonies was sentenced to one year behind bars for running the world s largest baby-leopard-shark poaching ring. But previously undisclosed evidence suggests that the conservative newspaper publisher and church supreme leader Reverend Sun Myung Moon both knew of and encouraged Thompson s illegal operation. Moon s complicity, or lack thereof, has been the nagging question since the US Attorney s Office in Oakland indicted Thompson on felony charges a year ago. From the get-go, however, Special Agent Roy Torres of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration uncovered evidence that the shark ring extended beyond Thompson. Among his more telling discoveries was the close tie between the pastor and True World Foods, the nation s largest supplier of sushi-grade fish. Moon s followers launched True World in the 1980s after the church leader issued a series of lectures, extolling the virtues of fishing. While Moon s followers call him True Father, he calls himself King of the Ocean. Over the years, True World quietly rose to the top of the food chain in the domestic wholesale sushi business. The company, which has a warehouse in San Leandro near Thompson s church, makes beaucoup bucks in the East Bay, and has supplied some of the area s premier sushi restaurants, including Berkeley s Kirala, Alameda s Angelfish, and Oakland s Tachibana Sushi Bar and Grill. Torres connected Thompson directly to True World when he discovered the San Leandro church kept three of its fishing boats inside the sushi distributor s gated parking lot. He also learned that Thompson kept live baby sharks in tanks inside a large shed on the True World property. None of this circumstantial evidence, most of which Torres detailed in federal court records, established a direct link between Thompson s sharks and the King of the Ocean. But the pastor voluntarily made that link himself. In a 2003 sermon captured on audiotape, Thompson said he personally informed the True Father about the shark enterprise. When I had the chance to tell our founder Reverend Moon about it - he told me, you know, You need twenty boats out there fishing! he boasted. He had this big plan drawn out, you know. Thompson, a Brit who speaks with a Scottish accent, also said he had to convince the excited Moon not to expand the operation, apparently out of fear that it would attract notice. The 35-minute sermon, once available on the church s Web site (, has been taken down, but Full Disclosure recently obtained a digital copy [...] The True Father is no stranger to lawbreaking. During the 1980s, Moon spent thirteen months in prison for tax evasion. Liberals may want to lock him up for another reason: Moon s online magazine Insight, an extension of his right-wing Washington Times newspaper, recently spawned the bogus claim that White House hopeful Barack Obama attended an Islamic religious school during his youth. Clearly, the Thompson audio is damning, and it likely played a role in getting the local churchman a stiff sentence for actions that, no matter how creepy, essentially boil down to poaching. But it s unclear whether the feds will use the audiotape to hook the biggest fish of all. We may find out soon: The US Attorney s Office has slated a major press conference on the shark-ring case for February 12. This is a summary extract from the full article as it appeared on East Bay Express, Jan 31, 2007