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Title Moon Organization - Sons Rise in a Moon Shadow

moon - Sons Rise in a Moon Shadow April 12th, 2010 - Days before the Reverend Moon Sun-Myung (right) turned a spry 90 in February, a pair of his sons prominently joined him to inaugurate the new Unification World Headquarters Church in Seoul. The splendid five-floor structure has a marbled lobby, an all-embracing prayer room with Islamic inscriptions and portraits of Christ, Buddha and Confucius, and a main hall large enough to hold 1,200 of the faithful. The two brothers, Moon Kook-Jin, 40, and Moon Hyung-Jin, at 30 the youngest of the Rev. Moon s seven sons and seven daughters, represent the best hopes for infusing new fervor into the Unification empire as both a business and a religion. The father and his 67-year-old wife, the flock s True Parents, as they call themselves, now live mainly in Korea, sequestered in their palace nestled in mountains halfway between Seoul and the demilitarized zone. Obviously, much remains of a movement that had peaked by the time the 1997 98 Asian financial crisis devastated the Tongil Foundation, the core Moon business group in Korea. Many of those packing the new hall to pray, applaud and sing along with the man who would be messiah were donors to the $100 million project, which adjoins a modern apartment complex on a prime site near the historic U.S. military headquarters. But revival, both financial and spiritual, is the mission now. The business empire cum religious movement slowly disintegrated for years. These days Kook-Jin and Hyung-Jin are working in tandem Kook-Jin turning the nonprofit Tongil group into a viable if secondary chaebol or conglomerate, pumping funds into the church and educational enterprises while Hyung-Jin revs up a congregation once in danger of becoming old and moribund. This is a complementary summary of the full article as it appeared in Forbes in April 2010 Full Article