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Title Scientology - The Bridge - full length feature film about Scientology

The Bridge full length feature film about Scientology Oct. 14, 2006 Update: For reasons we cannot disclose we have been asked to remove this movie. Earlier, in 2001, another movie was produced about Scientology: The Profit. Already during the filming of that movie Scientology interfered. Within a few days the Scientologists sent no less than seven private investigators to spy upon us at another location. Some succeeded in video taping our cast while we filmed a scene on a dock. [...] The Scientologists then began to take down the license numbers of our cast and crew, and followed several single women (brave souls these Scientologists) to their homes, attempting to intimidate them. [...] And then, as suddenly as they appeared, the Scientologists disappeared. Then, just as suddenly, out of town agitators for the IATSE (stage hands) union showed up and threw up an illegal organizing picket line. (This is against the National Labor Relations Board rules.) Without ever once asking for a meeting with us, they struck our non-Union film and refused to let their (twelve) union members cross the picket line. Nine of the twelve union members were heartbroken, because they had all checked with their union prior to the start of filming, and had been given permission to work on our non-Union film. Some came to us in tears, but they all said they had to quit or they would never be allowed to work again at their chosen profession. We wondered if there was a connection between the sudden union attack and the withdrawal of the Scientologists? We spoke to one reporter who believed that there might be such a connection. He indicated that he had evidence that a top union leader was connected to the Cleveland Mafia. He also said that he had evidence that one of the Scientology law firms had also represented a Mafia family, and that this might be the connection. [...] You cannot watch The Profit. Not in the USA and indeed not anywhere on this planet. In April 2002 Senior Circuit Judge Robert E. Beach imposed an injuction which prohibits showing and viewing of the movie worldwide. As cult Scientology attorney Monique Yingling testified in court on June 12, 2002; Certainly it was our position that we didn t want the movie ever distributed or to see the light of day, but I m not sure that that that that was specifically discussed. The Bridge has been widely distributed in past weeks via, among other sites, the Internet Archive.