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Title dahn yoga - Open letter from Dahn Hak "baby" master to YEHA
Founder Ilchi Lee
Leader Ilchi Lee

dahn yoga - Open letter from Dahn Hak "baby" master to YEHA Hey, guys. It's A.S.- I just wanted to check in. When I first started going to the Body and Brain Club at UIC, I couldn't believe how awesome the training and practice was. I can remember hearing someone say, "I feel this crazy energy in between my palms!"

Soon thereafter I went to a YEHA Halloween party and danced for one full hour then did Jung Choong breathing for the first time. The next week I took Shim Sung, and after one week of training took a job working part time in Illinois' Clark Center. It was awesome and strange at first. I can remember sitting at trainings like PowerBrain Method and kind of feeling a Dahn "hangover," and not really being able to put my finger on why I felt that way. I felt like Dahn filled all of the holes that I had inside of me. It was three months ago that I left my role as a master at the Clark Center in Chicago. I was only a baby master, after the 48th term of MIT with all American masters in training, and I was intimidated and exhilarated on a daily basis.

At first, I thought that I was living my life with great depth and purpose. Many of you I know deeply and personally, and many I do not. You are truly the brightest, most compassionate, strongest, and bravest leaders that I know. That is why Dahn targeted you and me and so many others. My recent time in the outside world has helped me to see how special my relationships with everyone in Dahn has been. I feel a strong obligation to share my feeling with EVERYONE, as I feel you are all in great danger. It's like a little bird looking for a worm (enlightenment): the bird sees a worm poking out of the ground. A beautiful, juicy worm.. The bird trots over to the worm and bites it. All of the sudden- BAM- a bird cage flies down from the sky and traps the bird. The only way the bird can go is deeper and deeper down the worm-hole. And down the worm hole I went.

Through what I now know are dangerous mind control techniques, adopted from many other cult organizations, I even started to help them trap others. I got so frustrated one day with Phoenixi who were having fear and doubt about making Dahnhak their life path. "Sabumnims are some of the luckiest people in the world!" I said. I can remember feeling so frustrated that they would even consider doing anything else.. I marveled at how they could ignore the truth. Take the time to think critically before you sign up to go to MIT, before you spend or borrow $10,000 or more for training, before you get yourself into a mess.

Trust me. Everything changes after you become a Dahn Master- your life is no longer about you, it is about achieving Ilchi Lee's vision. Ever notice how some people just suddenly dissappear from Dahn? Some of them are counseled out of the group by concerned friends and family members. Others leave because they are simply tired. Many feel guilty about having left. I did for the first two months. But now I can see that those feelings of guilt aren't valid- they are in part how I was controlled by my authority figures in Dahn. Dahn, like many other groups that are high-control and totalitarian, has very powerful "thought-stopping cliches" that cause us to ignore our true voices and go with the group's plan. "My body isn't me, but mine." example: As a Master, I had to report everything about everyone, including myself. Usually I did this with glee. One day I shared that I felt disappointed because I wanted to watch the Olympics. I was told to acknowledge that I have "victim consciousness" and that I would slowly gain "masters consciousness" the more I trained. I wanted to watch the Olympics because I was still a victim, that I needed to raise my level of consciousness. It would take three years, I was told, before I lost all of my "information."

I had one day off as a master on the 4th of July. One intern and I went to the beach, drank beer, and played Frisbee together. I was watching the intern and her boyfriend laugh and run together by the lake, and I started crying because I knew that it would be my last day of doing something normal like that. I had given my life to Ilchi Lee. When I got twenty minutes to myself to drive to a Master's meeting, I would spend my time in the car listening to pop songs and calling friends or family on the phone. I lost them all- I never had time to hang out. I cried by myself a lot. I constantly worried about what I was doing wrong as a baby master. I would lie to friends and family about my "job," because I knew that no one would understand why I was working 18 hour days.

Sometimes I would leave the center to go advertise and I would simply pull the car over and go to sleep. Does that sound familiar? This is classic mind control psychology used by all cults, and is referred to as "doctrine over person." The group's doctrine became the number one priority in my life. I even thought about vision when I went to the bathroom. People who didn't know this truth, or who resisted it, were like a waste of time to me unless I could sign them up for an Introductory Session, even my own Mother. I was made to believe that I was one of very few elite, special, amazing leaders who were on the true path to enlightenment. It was with this mind that I believed that I could guide people spiritually. It was with this mind that I completely let go of who I was- my entire value system.

From that point on, any desire that I had (food, sleep, sex, Olympics..), any emotion, or thought, I wrote off as my "victim mind." I had completely lost control. I was being controlled and manipulated by Illchi Lee and by Dahn. In my time with Dahn, I saw people give all of their property to the group. I have seen people leave their own children behind to be transferred to other regions. I have seen people accept sexual and physical abuse as "training" from their authority figures. I actually EMBRACED the idea of letting go of the A.S. before Dahn Yoga. I believed that what I liked did not matter. I was led to believe by authority figures that I wasted time "focusing outside," and that the entire purpose of my life was to find my seuseung, Ilchi Lee. I want to plead with you interns, members, YEHA, and masters- I know you are all sincerely involved in your practice. STOP BEFORE IT HAPPENS TO YOU. DON'T LET GO OF WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU STAND FOR. HONOR YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR DESIRES, YOUR EMOTIONS, AND YOUR BODY: ALL PARTS OF YOU! Dahnhak uses a thought reform model borrowed from many other abusive cult organizations, and many of you are being subjected to ABUSIVE MIND CONTROL. I want to encourage everyone to sleep and eat well, and take a long, hard look at what is going on with Dahn Yoga. I am deeply hurt and by my three years in the group. Now that I have taken back control of my mind, I am beginning to learn a great deal about myself. My feeling now is to value myself, treasure myself, and not reject my passion, desires, emotions, or thoughts. Because they are all a part of me. A true challenge is to bravely live your life while creating your own truth- through your own decisions, travel, education, interactions with all different kinds of religions and philosophies : Please do not see blue everyday when your life could be a kaleidoscope of color. There is lots of information available about Dahn and other similar cults. Don't let them tell you that "weak" or unworthy people have written these materials.

The key is to learn as much as you can and understand what Dahn is really doing to you. information and resources:

1. Steve Hassan's website:
2. The Wave: cheesy with extra sauce. but packs a punch. it gives you a REALLY good idea about how idealistic young people are caught up in "movements" for peace. Dahn uses many of the same tactics.
3. Captive Minds: Hypnosis and Beyond
4. This is about the cult leader of the Moonies- most people who have left Dahn and who know about the Moonies say that the groups are very similiar, although i don't know about it.
5. How To Make a Cult video 6. Rick Ross website