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Title dahn yoga - Student: UNM club recruiting for cult

dahn yoga - Student: UNM club recruiting for cult October 26th, 2007 - The Body and Brain Club, a student group, is trying to recruit people into a cult, said student Monica Demarco. She joined the club in the fall semester of 2005. She said she was interested in the club because she saw fliers saying it would help reduce stress. She was also interested in the martial arts aspect of it. At the suggestion of the clubs officers, she was soon taking classes at the Dahn Yoga Center on Central Avenue, she said. By December, Dahn instructors were pressuring her to attend a week-long yoga camp at Dahn Yogas headquarters outside of Sedona, Ariz., she said. Thats when a lot of shadier things started happening, she said. Dahn instructors told her she would receive training at the camp to become a martial arts instructor. But the first session wasnt devoted to martial arts, she said. Everyone has to meditate on their inner child and cry over their inner pain. It was really uncomfortable because thats not what I thought I was there for. [...] The camp instructors kept their students busy and exhausted, Demarco said. Students had to meditate for several hours a day, and they went to sleep late and got up early, she said. [...] The club does not have a partnership with Dahn Yoga, he [Andrew Tongate, president of the UNM Body and Brain Club] said. The club does not receive any funding from it and the club does not try to recruit students into Dahn Yoga, he said. Nevertheless, Dahn Yoga is an effective way for club members to achieve some of their goals, he said. However, the club Web site lists Dahnhak another name for Dahn Yoga as one of its sponsors. The Body and Brain Web site also lists the founder and co-chairman of the club as Ilchi Lee, the national founder of Dahn Yoga. [...] Demarco warned students to be careful about joining the club. Just be really cautious, because it is connected to a much bigger, very manipulative organization, she said. If you want to be in Body and Brain Club, thats fine. But just be aware that its all intertwined. Other students in the Body and Brain Club declined to comment. This is a summary extract from the full article as it appeared on Daily Lobo, March 23, 2006 Full Article