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Title Church Universal and Triumphant
Founder Elizabeth Clare Prophet (aka ECP, Guru Ma, Mother of Flame) - Mark Prophet (deceased; aka MLP, Lanello)
Description Established in 1974, USA

Alternate name(s):
- The Bridge to Freedom (predecessor to C.U.T.)
- The Summit Lighthouse
- Camelot
- Summit University (and the University Press)
- La Tourelle
- Temple of the Presence (new splinter group)
- I AM movement

CUT started as TSL (The Summit Lighthouse) in 1959. Elizabeth Clare Prophet became head of TSL after the death of Mark Prophet in 1973. The name was changed to CUT (Church Universal and Triumphant) upon the move to Corwin Springs, Montana in 1985/1986. Elizabeth was retired upon by the Board in 1995. The group has now gone back to its original name - The Summit Lighthouse - with a triumvirate board as of 1997. The Church Universal and Triumphant name has been dropped.
The Summit Lighthouse

Knights and Ladies of the Flame
The Church Universal and Triumphant Experience

(articles, videos, information)
Church Universal and Triumphant - El Morya, You Have No Power

Church Universal and Triumphant - Kolman