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Title Scientology - Wollersheim - Will Scientology pay 3+ million dollar?

Wollersheim Will Scientology pay 3+ million dollar? You bet they will and here is why it is even a good deal for them to do it! By Lawrence Wollersheim Attempting to stop the 6.8 million-dollar enforced Wollersheim collection back in LA superior court is just a small part of the reason Scientology WILL gladly pay 3+ million in hush money to former executives, but there are also other more important reasons the eventual amount may go even higher. First a little background: Scientology is well aware of an all out push by Wollersheim and his attorneys to bring new witlessness and evidence in the form of high level former executives to the enforced Wollersheim collection back in LA superior court. Scientology should fear that former high level executives they thought would never come forward will disclose their first hand knowledge and\or participation in the operation of the Scientology s sham corporate structure and asset transfers during the years 1979-1987, and/or additional testimony regarding CSI and RTC controlling the Wollersheim vs. the Church of California (CSC) Scientology litigation for anytime during the period 1979 to the present. They are already desperately trying to dismiss the enforcement action and prevent new evidence and Miscavige and other depositions, but it is not going well. The paradox to all this is that they themselves have set the stage requiring that to enforce the Wollersheim collection our team must bring additional evidence and witnesses forward that will collapse the whole corporate structure and eventually and a further chain reaction their non-profit tax status. All of this falls directly and personally on Miscavige and the lawyers who participated in corporate and IRS scam. And it is for some very unique reasons that former Scientology executives are coming forward that may worry Scientology the most. The smart former Scientology executives who have the ability and knowledge to testify know this is their last realistic chance to get paid 6 or 7 figures for silence like so many other former Scientology executives have been secretly paid. They know it is use it or lose it time because the probability that there will ever be another Wollersheim litigation collection and 18 year build up to this critical juncture where their information will make or break the case is all but mathematically impossible. They also know Miscavige and the other top execs are skimming millions of the top. They know that Scientology will make them the big cash for silence offer as they have repeatedly done in the past if Scientology credibly believes that the may cooperate with Wollersheim s attorneys and testify and start the whole chain reaction of loss of corporate integrity and then loss of the IRS non-profit status. They know that Scientology will spend tens of millions of dollars over numerous former executives to keep this from happening. They know if they accept less than 3 + million Scientology will not think they were a credible problem. They even know with absolute certainty there is lots of cash waiting for them right now if they do the wrong thing for Scientology&Mac226;s benefit and that it will never be there again if they don&Mac226;t move NOW! A few of these former executives know that support is also available to them if the do the right thing and testify for Wollersheim. A few of them know they can make the dramatic and powerful move that will bring Miscavige to his knees and change Scientology forever. A few of them know that if they don&Mac226;t break out and act now they will forever also be Miscavige s intimidated and watched sheep. So with both of these different groups of knowledgeable former executives waiting in the wings Scientology should be worried because several things always happen every time over the last 19 years I have gone back into court with them: They Lose. They have more former members and executives that come forward with more bad evidence that is another PR nightmare that again lowers their ability to make money and get new members and then adding insult to injury it costs them huge penalties in the court. This then encourages more former members and executives to come forward with more bad evidence that creates more lawsuits and is another even greater PR and income nightmare&Mac247;and it just keeps recycling worse and worse as the Wollersheim litigation/collection goes on and on. Every time they enter into a new case with Wollersheim many unexpected high level former execs and anti-Scientology witnesses surface with devastating new testimony that they could have never expected that Wollersheim could have either accessed or surfaced. It seems that no matter what they do no matter how much money they spend or thy believe that this time they will escape the slow but steady consequences of the law, something mysterious almost spiritual and magical always happens and things once again go horribly wrong for them. So here is what you can do to help and if your connections are the ones that make the difference make $100,000 dollars for yourself: Pass this information to anyone who may be a former Scientology executive or be connected to former Scientology executives. If these former execs have the above needed information have them contact me directly at or contact Dan Liepold my attorney at 1-714-796-1555 or at Keep in mind there are certain greedy former Scientology executives who have been waiting for the lucrative right time to come forward in Las Vegas and in other places. Keep in mind there are certain former Scientology executives who would love the pay-back of hanging Miscavige personally with all the criminal liability in one simple, well timed silver bullet move and, this is it! There are other former executives who will come forward for the right reasons. All that matters now is that they come forward at this time or forever lose this uniquely powerful moment for both themselves and others. So, if you really want to enforce justice and a severely painful lesson on Scientology, help me and help all of us bring a new level of justice to this group. Do everything you can to help me encourage additional former Scientology executive witness to come forward. Keep in mind that I need to have many surprises waiting for them in LA superior collection court. I need witness and evidence backups and redundancies to cover the intimidation and huge multi-million dollar cash offers Scientology will/has make to silence former executive witnesses once they come forwarded to testify for the collection. Sincerely, Lawrence Wollersheim