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Title Scientology - Criminal Complaint to Ashcroft - Scientology Crime and Terrorism

Criminal Complaint to Ashcroft Scientology Crime and Terrorism 1 Berry s Criminal Complaint to Ashcroft Re Scientology Crime and Terrorism GRAHAM E. BERRY 3384 McLaughlin Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90066 Phone: (310) 745-3771 Fax: (310) 745-3772 January 21, 2002 By Fax and Federal Express. Hon. John Ashcroft U.S. Attorney General U.S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20530-0001 Honorable Attorney General: I respectfully submit the following information to your office for immediate action: Criminal Complaint; Civil Rights Complaint; Hate Crimes Complaint; Fraud Complaint; Request For Investigation; Request For Grand Jury Proceedings and Criminal Prosecution; against, inter alia, Church of Scientology International, David Miscavige, Mark Marty Rathbun, Michael Rinder, Lyn Farny, Eugene M. Ingram, Kendrick L. Moxon, Elliot Abelson, Donald R. Wager, Ava Paquette, Michael Hurtado and Miguel Hurtado; and Request for investigation of apparent public corruption: involving, inter alia, certain employees of the Los Angeles and Riverside District Attorney s offices, the Los Angeles City Attorney s Office and the State Bar in California including but not limited to Gerald Chaleff, Esq., of Los Angeles, CA; Robert Schwartz, Esq., of Riverside County, California; Elliot J. Abelson, Esq., of Los Angeles, California; Samuel D. Rosen, Esq., of New York and New Jersey; Gerald Feffer, Esq., of Washington, DC; Kendrick L. Moxon, Esq., of Los Angeles, California and Clearwater, Florida; Eugene Ingram of Los Angeles, California; Fred T. Goldberg, Esq., of Washington, DC., Margaret Milner Richardson, Esq., of Washington, DC; David Miscavige of Hemet and Los Angeles, California; Mark ( Marty ) Rathbun of Los Angeles and Hemet, California and Clearwater, Florida; Michael Rinder of Los Angeles and Hemet, California and Clearwater, Florida; Donald R. Wager, Esq., of Los Angeles, California and Hon. Alexander Williams, III of Los Angeles, California. TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY .. ..9 PART ONE .15 SCIENTOLOGY S PYSCHO TERRORISM & R.I.C.O. ACTS AGAINST ME.. . .15 I. INTRODUCTION .15 Scientology s own scriptures condone serious crime .. ..15 Scientology has hijacked a religion and created an instrument of war .16 Scientology s intelligence operations rival the FBI s . . .17 Scientology is terrorizing the lives of countless citizens ..18 II. SCIENTOLOGY S LAWYER FABRICATED EVIDENCE FOR 25 YEARS . 20 Scientology s lead lawyer-unindicted co-conspirator in largest burglary of US Govt .20 Huge FBI raids exposed Scientology s criminal frame-up of author Paulette Cooper.Scientology frames others too ..20 Scientology s Operation Snow White still exists . .20 In 1991, I was retained to /successfully defended a former Scientology lawyer 21 In 1993, I led the successful Scientology v. Fishman-Geertz defense . 22 The related Scientology v. Time Magazine case was also successfully defended 23 Scientology has limitless tax-exempt litigation terrorism budgets . .23 Scientology sacred scripture mandates concentration or quarantine camps . .23 III. SCIENTOLOGY S CRIME, FRAUD & CORRUPTION AGAINST ME .. .24 Scientology s religious trade secrets were published during Fishman-Geertz .24 Scientology v. The Net was copyright and litigation terrorism . 24 Scientology blamed me for the publication of its religious trade secrets .24 Scientology committed fraud in its 1993 IRS Form 1023 applications 25 In 1993, Scientology hired lawyers etc., to investigate me-it continues .. 25 Scientology s investigation of me is part of its Fair Game Policies and Practices .. 25 Scientology and its lawyers have admitted the continuing haunting investigation . 26 Scientology used blackmail and extortion to suborn perjury that destroyed my career 26 Scientology s Targets-Defense includes global government takeover .. .27 Scientology s lawsuits are intended to harass and terrorize . 27 Scientology used its suborned perjury to utterly destroy me ..27 Extensive Scientology correspondence and testimony confirms the investigation of me . .29 Scientology s psycho-terrorism is part of Fair Game .29, 30 Scientology s psycho-terrorism destroyed my employment, career and relationships ..29 Scientology investigated and blackmailed my senior law partner . 33 A secret Scientology settlement agreement included stealing client files 33 The secret settlement agreement also obstructed justice . .34 Several prominent lawyers were involved in those criminal activities . 34 Trial Judge Williams was later shown to be corrupted by Scientology .35 IV. SCIENTOLOGY ENGAGES IN MORE BLACKMAIL AND CRIME .. 35 Scientology s Fair Gaming of me materially breaches the 1993 IRS secretsettlement ..35 Offering massive bribes, Scientology attempted to suborn perjury from three others .36 Scientology lawyer, Abelson, engaged in demonstrable subornation of perjury .36 Scientology and armed US Marshals raided homes, seized computers, confiscatedbooks .36 Scientology s secret Lewis, D Amato/AIG agreement used to obstruct justice . 36 I refused to be criminally and unethically restrained-changed law firms .37 V. SCIENTOLOGY DESTROYS ANOTHER 501(c)(3) DECEIVES PUBLIC . 37 Bowles & Moxon Plan 100�; Scientology files 30 frivolous lawsuits to destroyCAN . .37 Bowles & Moxon solicit Jason Scott s legal representation as part of conspiracy ..37 Scientology s Bowles & Moxon had numerous conflicts of interest-breach dutiesto Scott ..38 Scott fired Bowles & Moxon and retained me .38 Scientology s Fair Gaming of me, my new law firm and its clients escalated 38 VI. VICTIM S NEED LAWYERS I REFUSE TO BE TERRORIZED ..39 I refused to be intimidated-only a few lawyers willing to oppose Scientology 39 I file my own litigation against Scientology-I represent Keith Henson inInternet case ..39 Scientology needed 28 lawyers against Henson and me cost them over $2M ..40 Scientology abuses bankruptcy process in the Henson bankruptcy ..40 Henson flees the U.S. and Canada grants Henson refugee status . .40 VII. SCIENTOLOGY COMMITS FELONIES OBSTRUCTS JUSTICE 40 I filed the Berry cases in connection with Scientology s published perjuries re me .41 Moxon and Ingram to be defendants-they solicit and bribe representation of Cipriano. ..41 Moxon promised Cipriano up to $750,000 to co-operate in the RICO conspiracy . ..41 Scientology counsel had non-waivable conflicts of interest ..41 Scientology re-located Cipriano as part of the conspiracy to obstruct justice 41 Scientology assembled a massive national legal team to further the RICO conspiracy..41, 42 Scientology judge shopped the case to their friend Judge Williams ..42 Judge Williams permitted massive abuse of process ignored evidence ofcrime-fraud ..42, 43 Scientology intimidated-subverted my two law partners .43 Scientology then over-whelmed me with its litigation juggernaut 44 Concurrently, Scientology solicited my client Hurtado, suborned perjury, etc 44 Non-Scientology defendants settled in the Berry cases ..43, 45 Scientology s lawyers engaged in fraud obtained costs and sanctions orders 44 Scientology also obstructed justice and engaged in fraud in the Pattinson cases .46 All of this criminal conduct further breached the 1993 IRS-Scientology settlement 47 Scientology may be owned by four individuals three non-Scientologist lawyers ..48 VIII. SCIENTOLOGY FRAMED ME IN THE TWO HURTADO CASES .50 Judge Williams deprived me of due process and civil rights in Berry v. Cipriano, etc ..50 Scientology lawyers, etc., solicited my client Hurtado, suborned perjury, etc .50 Scientology s lawyers stated they had been after me for a very long time ..50 Scientology engaged in illegal wire tapping of me ..51 A LA County Bar leader committed fraud upon Judge Haber s court 52 Scientology lawyers submitted fraudulent insurance demands to my carrier ..53 Scientology lawyers used their own suborned perjury for a false criminal complaint 53 A LA County Bar leader solicited perjury from a stranger in the LA County jail ..53 The stranger testified to bribery and the subornation of perjury ..54 Scientology lawyers use their own suborned perjury to pressure State Bar to disbar me 54 Scientology lawyers used their own suborned perjury in two fabricated Hurtado cases 54 Scientology retained the President of the LA Police Commission to use fraudagainst me 56 Cipriano confessed to the perjury and obstruction of justice-50 corroborating documents . . 56 IX. UNCONTROVERTED EVIDENCE OF SCIENTOLOGY RICO ACTS .. ..57 Moxon and Paquette attempted to obstruct Cipriano s deposition in Hurtado v. Berry 57 Moxon cross-examined his own former client in Hurtado v. Berry ..57 Cipriano testified to numerous felonies involving Moxon and other lawyers 57 Many documents and other evidence corroborate Cipriano s testimony 57-61 X. SCIENTOLOGY CORRUPTED JUDGE WILLIAMS IN THE BERRY CASES .. ..61 Judge Williams ruled the Cipriano confession /exhibits irrelevant - held me vexatious 61 Judge Williams refused to disqualify himself-his fiancée worked for Scientology .61, 62 Scientology s former deputy leader has detailed Scientology s judge tampering 63 Scientology has a long history of corrupting American judges ..63 XI. SCIENTOLOGY ENGAGED IN OTHER CORRUPTION AND FRAUD ..63 The California Court of Appeal refused to consider Judge Williams conflicts of interest 63 Scientology filed Adversary Proceedings in Bankruptcy Court 63 Scientology engaged in fraud upon the Bankruptcy Court 63 Scientology also abused process/committed fraud against me and upon other courts ..64 Co-operative opposing counsel now retained in huge Scientology-related Ponzi fraud 65 I was diagnosed with severe depression and left active practice status . 66 Scientology further abused process, prevented my paying the IRS and other creditors ..66 Scientology s County Bar leader continued to pressure the State Bar to disbar me ..66 The same lawyer testified that he had engaged in witness tampering in Hurtado .67 Scientology s lawyers continued to engage in fraudulent insurance demands ..67 After their lawyer s confession, Scientology dismissed the State Court Hurtado case . 68 In July 2000, the Bankruptcy Court ordered the Hurtado case dismissed there too ..68 The corroborated evidence against Scientology and its lawyers, etc., is extensive 68 Scientology and its lawyers never had any non-perjured/suborned evidence against me. .69 Hurtado is now serving an unrelated five-year prison sentence .69 Scientology engaged in extortion during the Hurtado criminal prosecution . .70 Significant circumstantial evidence indicates corruption of Los Angeles law enforcement .70 Scientology s worldwide investigation of me continued despite the RICO evidence 72 There are dozens of other victims of Scientology RICO conduct, frame-ups, terrorism 72 XII. SCIENTOLOGY HAS CORRUPTED THE LEGAL SYSTEM .. . 75 Scientology s lawyers obstructed local law enforcement 75 Scientology has corrupted the Federal Government 80 The Clinton Administrations Responses Were Outrageous . 83 The evidence is beyond a reasonable doubt .84 PART TWO . 86 THE INSTITUTIONAL BASIS FOR SCIENTOLOGY PYSCHO-TERRORISM .86 XIII. SCIENTOLOGY S TERRORISM AND RICO ENTERPRISE . .86 Scientology and psycho-terrorism . ..86 Scientology blackmailed the Clinton Administration-huge tax fraud ..88 The Clinton Administration actively promoted Scientology abroad ..90 Scientology s President was a fleeing fugitive 91 Scientology s sacred scriptures mandate criminal conduct .. 91 Numerous experts have written on Scientology terrorism, crime and abuse .. 92 Scientology has been recently convicted in foreign countries .. ..93 Scientology regularly defames, terrorizes and criminally frames people 93 Scientology s founder was convicted of criminal fraud twice 95 Scientology is a church with a body-count . ..96 Scientology engages in terrorism as defined by Secretary of State Powell, etc . .96 XVI. SCIENTOLGY ENGAGES IN FORCED ABORTIONS AND ABUSE 97 Scientology orders female staffers to have abortions . . 97 Scientology engages in illegal child labor and other family abuses .. .. .97 Scientology secret sacred scripture denies the existence of Christ . .98 Scientology intends the elimination of all religions 98 Scientology plans worldwide takeover and totalitarian rule . ..99 Scientology engages in coercive mind control and brainwashing ..99 Scientology s origins are in Satanism ..99 Scientology sacred scriptures teach lying and perjury .. 91,100 Scientology operates taxpayer-subsidized concentration camps on U.S. soil . .100 A multi-volume police report concludes Scientology is a R.I.C.O. enterprise 100,101 XV. U.S. ALLIES CLASSIFY SCIENTOLOGY A PYSCHO-TERROR CULT .102 Scientology is America s own Taliban 102 Scientology resembles the Nazi and Communist operational structure ..102 Scientologists are taught to tell the Goebels-like big lie . .102 The U.S. erroneously tolerates Scientology crime and terror under the 1st Amendment 102 U.S. European allies do not grant religious exemption to Scientology crime and terror 102 The Scientology-Clinton Admin. initiated annual State Dept. Religious FreedomReport 102 Germany considers Scientology a criminal, psycho-terror and commercial crime sect ..103 The Clinton and Bush Administration are ignoring the biggest Ponzi scheme in history 103 Scientology committed the largest ever criminal infiltration of the U.S. government 103 Scientology s Hemet base is heavily armed and dangerous .105 Scientology is intent upon taking over the U.S. Government .. 105 Scientology has infiltrated the Russian nuclear industry . 105,106 Scientology is involved in foreign weapons plants .106 Scientology has access to chemical and biological weapons . .106 Scientology s contrived religiosity is a facade 106 Scientology is infiltrating American and foreign businesses ..106 Scientology intersects with global terrorism 107 Scientology is monitoring electronic and Internet communications . .. 108 Germany deems Scientology a threat to national security and democracy .108 Scientology is engaged in 9-11 WTC fraud and deception . 109 Scientology tax-exempt income targets the destruction of the mental health profession 110 OMB Director Mitch Daniels was sued and harassed by Scientology. He spoke out .110 Scientology is terrorizing old ladies and military veterans in Hemet, California 111 Scientology preaches blackmail, the use of assassins and police bribery 111 XVI. SCIENTOLOGY S CONTINUING ONE BILLION-DOLLAR TAX FRAUD .. .112 Pre-Clinton Administrations steadfastly resisted the Scientology litigation juggernaut .112 The pre-Clinton IRS successfully defended denials of Scientology tax-exempt applications 112 Scientology blackmailed the IRS Commissioner to obtain a reversal of a 20-year IRSpolicy 112 The new Scientology form 1023 application is full of fraud and misrepresentation 113 The Clinton Administration gave Scientology a one billion-dollar tax relief package 113 The Clinton IRS even gave Scientology s tax lobbying front group full tax-exempt status 113 Scientology blackmailed a Federal Senator-obstruct a Senate investigation into the tax issue 113 Payments for Scientology processing , often costing over $1M, is now fully tax-exempt 114 Scientology hid twelve sea containers of documents from IRS inspection ..114 Scientology uses tax-exemptions in its marketing materials .115 Scientology feared my legal defense of the Fishman-Geertz case threatened its tax status . 116 Scientology stores evidence of its criminal activities in Red Data Boxes 117 Scientology has judicially recognized Fair Game Policies/Practices to terrorize its enemies ..117 Scientology used dishonest lawyers and Fair Game to destroy my career, home and future 117 XVII. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS ..117 1. Lopez v. Church of Scientology settles. Financial fraud/abuse involving ostrich egg investments 117 2. Scientology moves to dismiss Barton v. Berry. Third consecutive voluntary dismissal 119 3. Slatkin fraud may extend to financing Berry v. Barton. Possible ENRON and WISE connection 120 4. Scientology claims not to be a church in Belgium .. 120 5. German courts uphold state electronic surveillance of Scientology - threat to democratic state 121 6. Scientologists are supporting treason, sedition and genocide .126 7. Police opine, It will take a federal effort with lots of money and manpower &acir