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Title Scientology - Scientology-led cult network releases two

Scientology-led cult network releases two books Misinformers Produce Two Disinformation Books The misinformers at the Scientology-backed CAN have produced two disinformation books sold on and who knows where else CULT ALERT! by Board of Directors Our Price: $9.95 41 pages (April 15, 1999) the NEW Cult Awareness Network ISBN: 1928575013CULT ALERT by Nancy Ann French Our Price: $9.95 + $0.87 special surcharge Paperback 104 pages (June 1, 1999) the NEW Cult Awareness Network ISBN: 192857503X It should be clear that while I have not read the book, I do not recommend it, as it is produced by cult apologists associated with the Scientology-backed Cult Awareness Network. The book is described as follows: A practical handbook for saving families. Based on over 8,000 calls to the Cult Awareness Network hotline, this booklet advised parents/family/loved ones to 1) CALM DOWN 2) STAY IN COMMUNICATION 3) GET MORE INFORMATION. It follows with many examples of how to do so and how to keep family relationships intact despite deep belief differences. Those not familiar with the Cult Awareness Network may want to check this information: There are no reviews (yet), but as you know invites your comments. Also: CBS 60 Minutes piece on Can s takeover by Scientology